Uranus in Taurus

Taurus highlights the stubborn quality of Uranus. If other fixed signs are prominent in the chart, the individual may proudly say, ‘Once I’ve made up my mind I don’t change it.’ However, it the chart tends towards indecision, with a powerful emphasis on Libra or Pisces, this is a good placing, since it gives a combination of stability and Uranian originality.

Either way, this placement makes for opposing tendencies. On the one hand, the fixed influence of Taurus makes one want to be conventional. This clashes with the natural Uranian urge to break free from all conventions. If balance is achieved, we often find an original and practical individual, which is when Uranus in Taurus is at its best.

As Saturn moved through the sign of Taurus, the concepts of business money and material values on the whole were drastically affected and people born with Uranus here (June 1934 to May 1942) would take a very special interest in finance, economics and unusual ways in which money can be used. They are highly inventive in the way they use their financial resources and also enjoy the speculative side of money but unfortunately that premature or spontaneous energy of Uranus may not always give them the success they look for. The spiritual action of Uranus beckons them to look beyond the material basis of fulfillment to the deeper values which can only be found within oneself.

Uranus was in Taurus only eight years since the mid-1800s, from June through October of 1934, and then steadily from April 1935 through May 1942. During this period the United States went off the gold standard, the banks closed and the depression set in. The values in materialism (Taurus) were challenged (Uranus) as never before. If Venus and Uranus are well aspected in your chart you’re charming, magnetic, and have the potential of a love union that will bring a great deal of happiness. If, on the other hand, they’re afflicted, you may have separations and upsets in your personal relationships, and your eccentric attitudes can bring sorrow in marriage. (Uranus transiting natal Venus can bring unexpected upsets in this regard). Your perspective towards possessions and financial independence is highly individualistic, and novel ways to earn money are attractive. Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years, and won’t return to Taurus again until March 2018.

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