Saturn in Taurus

If you have Saturn in Taurus, you are very persistent in carrying out your goals. You can be overly concerned with material possessions and in wanting to squirrel away too much for that proverbial rainy day. You tend to place too much emphasis on material goods and possessions for security and if carried too far, you can become miserly and miserable due to worrying about what might happen tomorrow and will you have enough money to cover things.

Taurus need to re-evaluate your values and where true security comes from. On the positive side, you are a tireless worker and have patience, caution, determination, discipline, organizing ability and can go the distance when those around you fall. Hard work is your forte. Your feelings are serious, well-controlled and not easily changed, although at times it may be hard for you to forgive and forget. Loyalty is important to you. Building structures that last is a need you have.

Many souls with Saturn in Taurus have a great fear of loss and are being tested for possessiveness and a true sense of values. Don’t make material things too important. You may want to possess even loved ones; often jealousy needs to be overcome. You are persistent to the point of stubbornness and have great stamina. You can be very pragmatic, restricting yourself in the present, and with careful planning putting off immediate gratification for the promise of future reward. If Saturn is afflicted, money isn’t denied, but there may be problems attached to finances. You will have lessons in the use of your sexual and generative energy, as well as in speech (Taurus rules the throat). Saturn returns to each sign once every 29 or 30 years for about a three-year stay. In the last 100 years Saturn was in Taurus from July 1939 to May 1942, from May 1969 to February 1972, and from June 1998 to April 2001.

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