Mercury in Taurus

If you have Mercury in Taurus, your manner of thought and speech is slow and quite deliberate. You do not change your mind quickly and see no reason to do so. You are determined, practical, methodical, and conservative in most things you do. You have patience and the ability to stick with things until the end. You may assimilate material at a slower pace than others, but once a concept is learned, it is never forgotten. Taurus hate being forced or rushed into a decision or an action, especially if you have not been given time to think it all through and evaluate the practicalities of the situation.

Once your mind is made up, that’s it. It will take a lot to undo it. Perseverance is one of your best traits. You enjoy sustaining what others have started, especially if you can see tangible, practical results. You love to build things. You succeed not so much because of your mental brilliance, but because you have the ability to concentrate and follow a project through to its completion. You may have an artistic or musical aptitude. Perhaps you sing or speak for a living. Common sense is not uncommon in you.

With Mercury in Taurus you are a slow, cautious and deliberate thinker, and learn more readily from your senses than from books. In fact, absorbing information may be easier for you if you relate it to your touch, sight or smell in some way. You’re instinctively aware of the practical side to everything, and although you have good taste and some artistic aptitude, may have a hard time letting your imagination go. You have a strong and pleasing voice, and some talent at singing if supported by other indications, such as a conjunction, trine or sextile from Venus or Neptune.

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