Jupiter in Taurus

If you have Jupiter in Taurus, you desire to expand the world around you with practical, tangible, material things. The rewards you expect from your efforts must be material in nature. As a gesture of appreciation, a simple "thank- you" is not as good as some little something in the form of something concrete that you can hold and see. You are generous with your possessions and share freely what you have, but only if the cause merits such action.

Taurus nature tends to be a bit extravagant or self-indulgent and it is up to you to control your desire nature. You may be stubborn in your philosophical or religious beliefs, needing proof of anything before believing. There is a fear of sickness and pain. Money and material possessions can come to you but you must use your resources wisely, else they will get you into trouble. A great love of rich or sweet food may lead you to become overweight. Control of the palate and of the lower nature should be observed.

You appreciate and cultivate the things of the senses, have a taste for good food and luxury, and love your home. You have a green thumb in many areas, and are able to attract comfort and material possessions. Making money is second nature to you. Your belief system is a practical one, immediately applicable to your life and what’s at hand. A steady worker, you could be a backer or moneyman. You tend to be stubborn, and may put on weight in mid-life.

Planets in Taurus