Taurus Names

Names for Taurus can give a person born under the same sign a good performance, to complement the identity of important parameters. With proper selection of name variations can send the fate of such a person in the right direction.

One of the major advantages of the people born under the auspices of the Taurus - they are hardworking and have a very strong sense of purpose and urgency. So no need to diversity, they are easy to adapt to the monotony and constancy, not yearn for change, seek only to set goals - most often in the role of her career in favor. Despite the lack of pronounced leadership qualities such want to rule and guide.

Receive birth names, subservient to this character, always have a friendly, sociable, eloquence and courtesy. These easy to go on contact, and also make new acquaintances - are always welcome in the community, and appreciate them primarily for their ability to talk and listen, and secondly, for the dedication and honesty.

Thrift and independence from material goods - is another good feature. No, they are not troubled, easily earning the required amount, but do not suffer from a surplus of desire to spend money. If spent named and born during his reign at something, it is only necessary to always have the amount in reserve, never put the primary goal of enjoying material goods.

And another equally important factor - the permanence and stability, especially in relations with the other half. Monogamous by nature and just family people who are trying to establish the existence of an early age. Kind to the process of selecting the second half, because then depend on it both morally and mentally, and physically. And children at all for such represent a treasure…

Taurus Boy Names

Name Ideas for Taurus Boys: Ainsley, Alan, Allan, Allen, Ashley, Bailey, Balfour, Bentley, Benton, Bradley, Dale, Dalton, Darius, Demetrius, Denham, Denton, Denley, Denver, Desmond, Durand, Durant, Eden, Edward, Ethan, Fabian, Garth, George, Igor, Gino, Glen, Glenn, Glendon, Gresham, Grantham, Hadley, Hamlyn, Hamlin, Hampton, Hanley, Henley, Hayley, Hedley, Henry, Heinrich, Enrico, Iden, Jasper, Joseph, Kelby, Kendall, Kendale, Kenley, Kingsley, Langley, Latham, Lee, Leighton, Lyman, Marley, Otto, Slade, Spencer, Terran, Vernon, Warren, Wesley, Yardley.

Men with Taurus name, take everything from life and love it. The energies have a tremendous reserve. However, if it is properly used, lead is not quite the right way of life, we can very quickly use up. Men called for Taurus love pleasure, receiving material from some things. They argue that all the joy’s life can be obtained only in the presence of Finance. Money for them mean a lot. Men with the name of the sign Taurus increasingly trying to save money than to spend, so they prefer to be in a community where the money spinning.

Men with names suitable Taurus - great companions, devotion and loyalty to put in a relationship in the first place. They are great parents, well, just perfect for their children. From these men comes sexual magnetism, by their nature they are romantic, prone to the appearance of fine deeds, very sincere. When choosing a life partner, first of all, pay attention to the inner world of women, looking for a mate, close in spirit.

A woman beloved of a man with a name for the Taurus, will not be easy. After all, they are stubborn, willful and proud. These men are very painful to tolerate betrayal, treachery and falsehood, might even take revenge for the actions. But at the same time, if they give their beloved a vow of love, the noble will carry her through life and demand the same from their companion. But if a woman has lost the confidence of a man with a name suitable Taurus, it is impossible to keep him.

Taurus Girl Names

Name Ideas for Taurus Girls: Adelaide, Adele, Alda, Anthea, Beverley, Chloe, Chloris, Constance, Connie, Daisy, Daisie, Dale, Danika, Edlyn, Estelle, Esther, Fleur, Flora, Floria, Florence, Florentina, Florinda, Gaia, Gemma, Georgina, Georgia, Glendora, Harriet, Henrietta, Hestia, Hailey, Hayley, Idona, Idonia, Imelda, Isa, Ishtar, Josephine, Kendal, Lee, May, Mae, Miriam, Nydia, Odette, Patience, Penelope, Petra, Phillis, Phyllis, Rebecca, Rhea, Serena, Shirley, Shirleen, Tara, Taura, Terra, Terrena, Thea, Valma, Vesta, Wilhelmina, Yeva, Zelenka, Zinnia, Zohra.

Women with names suitable for Taurus - great hostess or homemaker, with a high sense of love for their children, they are surrounded by their offspring maternal care. These women are very realistic look at life and practical in all matters. Externally, they are extremely feminine and gentle. His home woman named Taurus sign, protect and cherish immensely. House children and for them in the first place.

Enjoy the remarkable properties of character - very loyal and caring. Therefore, they are considered excellent partner. But the women themselves, with names suitable Taurus, looking for partners in the constancy and reliability, they are likely to create and grooming. All that belongs to them, no matter who and what it is, and they will defend by all means try to return, because, in essence, they are possessive.

Women with names for the bulls deserve respect in their persistence to preserve his youth to old age. They are very important as they will appear with age, want to see themselves reflected in her beautiful, as far as possible. It is very sensitive topic for them. They also maximalist in relation to men. Husbands of women with names for the Taurus, you must know that the chosen one can forgive the deeds, but forget about them will not ever. Heart of a woman to achieve is not easy, but if a man is able to find the key to it, it is this will never regret.

Taurus Love Compatibility