Taurus in Marriage

Being a Taurus, you will work hard to make your marriage a comfortable and fruitful one. For this, you will work hard and get to a respectable position in the operational ladder of your field even before you get married. So by the time you have tied the knot, you have a pretty enviable bank balance and a good position. You have settled in your career and do not wish to do anything bold and risky, at least for the next several years. You have a home of your own in which you move with your newly wedded wife. All this is being done just to remove any sort of anxiety from your married life, and provide your wife with a stable financial atmosphere and your kids with supportive and tension-free surroundings where to grow up.

Here again, try to keep your possessive streak under control; it may feed on any kind of reason. Initially, for example, if you are a male, you might not like the fact the wife interacts with some one more than she should (according to you). Later on, when you have kids, you might not like the fact that she is not able to give you as much time as she used to. You start thinking that she doesn’t love you like she used to. That is total rubbish! Your only issue is that you have started to take the partner as a possession of yours, and don’t like the changes that happen in life thereafter. This can be checked if you force to tell yourself that the other person is not your possession; he/she is not to be owned, but just to be loved.

Now as far as your parenthood is concerned, you are not exactly the disciplinarian kind. You, at times, tend to spoil your child more than the usual – by buying new expensive toys for them, by letting them off the hook when they spoil their grades and so on. After a certain age, you might start feeling that they are out of your hand. So make amends while they are young. The weird part here is that when the kids are young, you are lenient and when they grow up, you start feeling that they do not behave properly and need to be disciplined. The truth is that you did what you had to do in their early years. And now, the generation gap is so much that you can’t go along with their ways. Just try your best and learn from them – that is all I can say!

Taurus Male as a Husband

This man does not move very fast. He does not believe in the sudden storm of love and he’ll need to road-test you for a very, very long time before he proposes marriage. As with everything in life, he wants guarantees and value for money. Mr Taurus is predictable and reliable, not spontaneous and daring, so if you want thrills and spills, head in the opposite direction. What the Taurus man is into is food and comfort - he’s the couch-potato with a fondness for haute cuisine. He’s also very sensual and sexy - quite the marathon man of the bedroom Olympics. To hook this guy, aside from being solvent and punctual, dazzle him with your intellect and tell him tall tales.

Taurus Female as a Wife

A Taurus woman will be a secure lover. She won’t get jealous if her man praises another woman or flirts with that hot chick at the club. She will take all such harmless acts in her stride. However, she expects devout loyalty from her partner. She will return the favor equally. She will keep her home sparkling clean and inviting. You can expect an exquisite and colorful ambiance when a Taurus woman is around. She can be an excellent cook and can whip up a feast for her man. She can get a little fussy about her surroundings. She will support and advice her mate in the professional front. She will never whine or complain to her husband. She can be strong enough to find her way out of any problem. Beneath that tough front lies a sensitive heart too.

Taurus Love Compatibility