Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

Taurus and Sagittarius are quite different creatures with different outlook and needs. Taurus are quiet, patient and serious people while Sagittarians are loud, anxious and fun loving people. Though there is lot to learn and share as Taurus can teach patience and Sagittarian can teach acceptance to new things, it is usually difficult to get stability in the beginning.

Taurus believes in reality, they like the calm, and are the sensible and the even-tempered folks. They are the creatures who are more practical and strong than usually any other sun sign. They know how to take care of their ones they love. They can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. Taurus, although modest and reserved they like to be on top of things. Even though physical appearance may contradict, Taurus is extreme in possessing enormous creativity causing a wonderful outlet for their aesthetic tastes, talent and beauty in the arts and music. They, also, may have a strong, sometimes unconventional faith in religion and spirituality. Taurus folks have tremendous willpower and self-discipline keeping them true to the old traditional methods.

Sagittarius are the people who love to move around, discover and change in the hope of having greener grass somewhere else than where they are at present. They are the creatures who see truth in the world over anything else. Whether timid or dominating, they are reckless creatures who are quite modest but hardheartedly frank and to the point of hurting the other person. With their wide range of thoughts and good judgment coupled with their ability to foresee what is to happen next, Sagittarius make for a profound conversationalist. They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures. Sagittarius love to be around people but they hate to be tied to relation knots, making them feel imprisoned.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Having multiple partners is not always that big a deal for Sagittarius, and Taurus compatibility is built upon trust and faithfulness – are we seeing an issue here? It’s not that Sagittarius means any harm, they’re just…expansive…with their sexual favours. Sag probably loves Taurus deeply, but freedom of expression for this fire sign includes the freedom to experiment elsewhere. Taurus, the Lover, will of course be devastated if the Adventurer is unfaithful. Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility won’t get past the first hurdle if that difference of attitudes isn’t ironed out. Unless of course the couple agree to an open relationship, but it’s a rare Taurus who could live with that kind of arrangement.

Taurus always admire Sagittarius and exciting pictures they paint but if too broad of a stroke is implemented or the color is too brash, the practical Taurus becomes restless and apprehensive. As the optimistic Sagittarians gallivant and trip through life, they are as likely to trip and fall into pure luck as they are to trip and stumble on their faces as well. But that is the way it goes when one trips along the path of life with the head in the clouds trying to shoot for the stars. Taurus’ level head and eyes to the ground is an advantage to Sagittarius in this aspect as well as Sagittarius being good for the Bull in pulling them towards a more risky adventure. The teams are wonderful in the stock market, or for any gambling quest for that matter but not for a matter where sheer hard work is needed as such goals are boring for Sagittarians.

So, Taurus has to sensibly deal with someone who is aroused by recklessness and a sense of goofy ventures while their head is on so straight and their eyes are fixed to where they are going and where they been. Perhaps it is the wonderful shine they give off when a lost case turns into a win for them. They are quite lucky that way. Optimism always does that and Sagittarius goes to the extreme when optimism is involved. Taurus may be pessimistic, but at least they are grounded and hardly ever get disappointed when such an endeavor is presented to them. On a similar note, Taurus and Sagittarius show a certain amount of belief in religion as well as faith, loyalty and self sacrifice. Taurus, in their family and loved ones show their loyalty while Sagittarius, in humanity as a whole. Although Sagittarius loves family, they are not as close knitted as Taurus.

There are always some differences in between Taurus and Sagittarius; still they can share some great relations with patience and tolerance. Friendship can be very colorful between these two and similarly they love the relation of siblinghood and work place. They are supportive and tolerant to each other and help each one to discover something new in life. Commercial partnership may not flourish much if it insists on hard work but it can be very fruitful in places like stocks and property where luck plays a greater role. Love compatibility of these sun signs is not very strong till the time they are not ready to mold themselves a little bit according to their partner’s needs. As parents they both are very dedicated to their children but in different ways as Sagittarians love to be their children’s friends. Childhood is valued more by a Taurus because those are the memories that are safe and constant while for Sagittarians old is not always gold.

Conflicts and clashes can be easily surfaced in any relation shared by Taurus and Sagittarius. Since they are very different they do have their arguments and this can be from a tiff to a well given quarrel. Taurus are bonded to their family and like their dear ones to be around them. While, Sagittarians are more interested in people as a whole; taking them quite literally as they frolic through life spouting off truth with their jovial vibes and their freedom stands most important to them. Although Taurus can get easily irritated, their cautious and laid back nature does not allow for such feelings to surface. Another thing that goes beyond Taurus’ tolerance is the extravagant attitude of Sagittarius. Though they both love to make money, Sagittarians spend it equally fast and this is absurd for Taurus. Although to bring Taurus and Sagittarius together is not as ludicrous as one may think if they both are ready to give time to each other.

Marriage Between Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

When a Taurus man marries a Sagittarius lady, they are able to create quite an average bond. Though he is a wonderful choice for her in terms of love, affection, care and safety she demands but he doesn’t appreciate her adventurous nature. He is always there to keep her protected from all the worries and tensions of life and she feels happy when she is been treated so special. But there may be phases when she may start feeling suffocated because of his authoritative approach and decisions which she may not approve of. This may turn out to be a major reason for the discord. She may also hurt her man by not keeping her words. But as time passes and she starts understanding the importance of his man and marriage, she learns to shoulder responsibilities. As the understanding between the couple increases, their love matures and both the partners learn to compromise on each others natures for the sake of love. Though their marriage may not be smooth but they can work out very well by developing good understanding which will help them lead their life holding on to each other.

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