Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

Taurus and Pisces make a quiet, creative and complementing combination. Whatever bond they share Taurus always admires the compassionate nature of Pisces and Pisces always believes in the dependability of Taurus. They are not very easy to get together as their basic characters are different but they both have the qualities that the other one appreciates and so they simply stay together happy.

Taurus people are hardworking and passive with feet firmly planted on the ground. Their realistic expectations keep them calm and serene with a nice even flow of things. They let a lot go by and avoid argument but when they get angry, they stir up a storm. This is not so easily tamed either. Their creative minds make them good founders of enterprise. Taurus has this tremendous willpower and self-discipline keeping them true to the old traditional methods and self reward from personal efforts rather than relying on others to reach their goals. They are extremely affectionate and sensually self-conscious yet sexually straightforward. No demands, no experiments. Taurus makes for a faithful and loyal home loving person who is thoughtful and never too demanding on anyone in any relationship.

Pisceans represent the division of the spiritual and human qualities. They are tempted to just go with the flow rather than fight the odds to a better solution. Being artistically gifted they tend to put their minds in a dreamy world where they find a mental satisfaction above and beyond anything real. Pisceans can gain a quick understanding of what is presented to them as well as being able to easily observe and listen well without recourse. They are receptive to new and intuitive ideas as well. Pisces are indecisive and they portray a meekness and submission to others. When both are Pisces, the equation is doubled. They have an increased growth of positive qualities in that they are gentle, creative and imaginative.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Although their relationship usually works well, it’s in times of trouble that the test will come. This is an earth-water mix. When the Pisces woman’s emotional waters are at their stormiest, the earth of her Taurus guy can soak up the excess and help her to hold her shape. It’s definitely a win for the Pisces girl. For the Taurus man, however, sometimes he offers earth, receives water and ends up with nothing more than a muddy puddle. The emotional outbursts of his Pisces woman can occasionally simply be too much, and its at this point that Taurus man Pisces woman compatibility can start to flounder.

With Taurus’ ability to begin, build and organize the foundation for financial goodness, Pisces can step in and show Taurus more creative ways to make money while also teaching them the wonders of sharing it with others. Pisces believes that the more you give, the more you make, the Universal Law. Taurus returns the favor and show Pisces the proper methods for minimal security. It is ok to save a portion of what one wants to give. There are days when it comes in handy. Taurus and Pisces are compelling together having many opportunities for happiness and harmony as long as they can work through the occasional quarrels. Until the relationship is better established, the Taurus thinks of Pisces as foolish and fickle with their minds flying along in a daydream world. Pisces also sees Taurus as dangerous, abrasive, and stubborn headed, stomping around and extremely opinionated.

During the process of making the relationship strong, Taurus tries educating Pisces on the art of saving money to which Pisces finds this difficult to do. Pisces sees money as filthy and therefore easily and favorably spendable. Why let it gather dust under a mattress or just sit in a bank account somewhere when one could be spending it as easily as one makes it? However, Pisces should pay attention to their Taurus. They help them in gaining experience in a practical tangible way. Pisceans tend to sashay around a situation, creating various conclusions to make it interesting or slide out the exit if controversy surfaces. Whereas Taurus, being concerned with the need for facing reality, stands there and endures anything they have to face with open courage and remain there until point is proven. One would not believe that they are compatible, but when Taurus and Pisces come together they understand one another’s weaknesses and helps each other to overcome them.

Taurus and Pisces are very much alike in sharing relations as they both value family, togetherness and love of near ones. As friends, sibling, colleagues and relatives they share a very smooth and sophisticated relationship providing them with many moments of enjoy and love and be with each other. Business ventures can actually work well especially if it is in a creative field and finances are handled by Taurus. Both give equal devotion to the work and strive for the best. Romantic relationship can be blossomy especially when Taurus man and Pisces woman is involved as they provide each other exactly what the other person expects from this relationship. As parents they both are wonderful caretakers, loving and cooperative with their children. They both also hold special place for their childhood memories and give due respect and love to their parents throughout their lives.

Taurus and Pisces have their share of difference which cause tiffs from time to time in the relationship they share due to their different ways of dealing with life. Pisces are considered old souls and whether they have their head in the clouds or are fighting the odds, they believe in harmony and beauty. Where as Taurus are very straight forwards people who live in reality and practically fights for every thing they consider right. Pisces can be very indecisive and unstable which causes uneasiness in Taurus. Also both of them hold different attitude towards finances and this creates a problem when they share the same income source. But it is also noticeable that they both need each other and play the role of provider well in each other’s case. It sounds as though such a unity can never happen, but the interaction of the two brings forth a wonderful and exciting connection.

Marriage Between Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

As they both understand each other too well, the Taurus male and Pisces female are able to make a perfect marriage. She finds a man who is there to fulfill all promise he has made and add stability to their relation. He also loves for allowing him to the boss in their marriage. All his actions focus on taking care and providing comfort to his wife in all possible ways. She also appreciates his efforts. They thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and prefer spending quality time at home. She may sometimes get upset because of his over-involvement in work due to which she feels neglected. But he knows how to keep his woman happy by hugging her tight and keeping her safe from the world. He understands her need to be always loved and he makes sure that he fulfills it all without fail. For them, every season is a season of love which keeps their relation and soul fresh and happy.

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