Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

Taurus and Gemini are a world apart in their basic instincts and though there are relationships that fall their way, they usually do not agree with each other. Taurus is serious and very stable while Gemini is fun loving and slipping from one thing to other. But never the less Gemini is always a great company for Taurus while Taurus offers a rock of strength for Gemini.

Taurus people are quiet, calm, placid, steady creatures with a practical side, who keep to themselves, although sometimes their fierce nature can rear its ugly head. They are the creatures who are more practical and stronger than most people around them. They know how to take care of the ones they love. Hardworking almost to a fault, the Taurus people also know it well, how to achieve a goal despite any number of obstacles or barriers obstructing their way. It is of utmost importance for them to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around them, and can become demanding when they can’t measure their success.

Gemini people are very bright, intelligent and quite interesting. Their clever wit can pull them out of almost any difficulty they face. Refreshingly adaptable, they blend their different personalities well, their ability to cunningly outwit anyone, anywhere giving them the reputation of having razor sharp minds, who can cleverly twist and turn their way out of any earthly threat, leaving everyone in a state of confusion. One can find them either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. They love to wander and their independence is one of their basic necessities. Gemini people are naturally glib and bright conversationalist. They are more comfortable in moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Gemini is an air sign, breezing through life on a whim, whereas Taurus is an earth sign, fixed, dependable – and wanting someone else to depend on too. No matter how in love this couple are, Taurus will always find something slightly alarming about the Gemini partner’s attitude – it’s as if Taurus is constantly waiting for Gemini to drop a bombshell which may never come. It certainly doesn’t do Taurus’ nerves much good, and Gemini may tire quickly of being perceived as the bad guy. Gemini and Taurus compatibility will be hard work a lot of the time, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.

Gemini possesses the ability to change from one viewpoint to another, when it seems necessary for survival. This can give the unappreciative Taurus an uneasy feeling that Gemini is not playing nice. Taurus, in turn, loses trust in Gemini and guards are built. Although Taurus knows and wants to learn from these bright, quick creatures, what Gemini wants to teach, Taurus finds difficult to comprehend. Perhaps this is when Taurus brings to the surface its fierce nature. Push Taurus to the edge, and all that’s left is attack. And no Gemini is going to enjoy getting on the wrong side of the Taurus. Taurus, keep a cool head when first meeting Gemini. It may seem wonderful at the time, but it does not last and the danger here is mistaking a wild infatuation for true love. Gemini is quite charming but far too caught up in a hectic social life to worry about domestic affairs.

Gemini is quite the social butterfly and wants someone who can share their interests and social activities. Gemini does not settle for domestic. When Gemini argues, they are not always completely straightforward. Many deflect away from the issues, go off on tangents, and provoke Taurus to a quarrel. It’s easy to see why Gemini makes such an adept politician. They are able to bring opposite opinions together and hang them on a thread of truth, lace them with charm and logic and create an aura of idealism and peace on all sides. Gemini’s detachment can hurt and annoy Taurus because this is indicative of being either rudely ignored or condescendingly patronized. Gemini is always looking for the short cut. Taurus can be soothing to Gemini’s nervous spirit. Their dense mellowness helps them find their sensuality. Gemini zaps the stubborn mind of the Taurus, and inspires them to a new way of thinking.

Taurus and Gemini have to give in lots of efforts to keep up with the ties they share with each other. Being friends, sibling and colleagues is not usually an issue for them unless it involves common work or money which can create majority of problems. Otherwise, they are good to each other with a soft word, a helping hand and an easy talking relation. Business can create problems when these two are involved as though Gemini are intelligent people, they hardly work hard and safe money while Taurus is just the opposite and it is very annoying for Taurus if they are involved in fulfilling a common goal. Romantic relationships are easily built between these two sun signs but it is hard for them to be stable as they have very different needs and in long term they are usually unable to cope up unless Taurus gives up some stubbornness and Gemini becomes some more stable. Parenthood has different definition for both; Taurus is more a caretaker while Gemini is a friend of their kids.

Gemini and Taurus together can create one of a kind disaster if they do not hold upon each other’s nature at the earliest. Taurus remains stubborn which is not digested by Gemini who always wants to put several points. Money also creates prolonged arguments as Gemini is extravagant and Taurus is money minded. The most common cause of tension between Gemini and Taurus is that Taurus wants to feel, when they ought to be thinking and Gemini’s habit of thinking is engaged when they ought to be feeling. If Gemini wishes to be with a Taurus, they should avoid trying to dazzle them with their brilliance rather they should baffle them with their affection. But for the long haul, the two are always traveling different paths. Taurus seeks stability while Gemini needs to move and fly, be spontaneous. One can usually expect a relationship which ever it may be filled with constant drama and misunderstandings.

Marriage Between Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

When a Taurus man gets married, the most important thing in his life turns out to be this relation. It has the power to control his head, heart and soul. That’s why he tries his level best to deal with the uncertain mood swings of his Gemini lady and tries to manage with her fast nature. She loves to socialize and meet new people whereas he is happy with his small and warm group of friends. He is very possessive about his life partner. He trusts her and waits for her after she has fulfilled all her social commitments to come back. This waiting and expecting can cause some problem in their relation. Though the couple can deal with this issue by talking it out and reach to a common conclusion. Once they are able to attain balance by dealing with their differences, they will be able to lead a better life together. Taurus man will become less possessive and Gemini woman will be able to manage her space. Both the partners have the ability to create a good level of understanding and chemistry which can reward them with wonderful moments of love and intimacy.

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