Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

Both the Taurus and the Aquarius are very independent and strong individuals with fervent ideas which may clash from time to time. Both want stability in life and partnerships but Aquarius is an explorer in nature while Taurus loves to stick to the tried and tested things. With sincere efforts this combination can work well.

Taurus people love peace, money, home, and babies. They feel comfortable with stability and with that come modesty and reservation in everything they do. They believe in reality. They like the calm and the sensible creatures and are themselves very even-tempered. They can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. Taurus are extreme in possessing enormous creativity causing a wonderful outlet for the stress relief they so often crave for. They are stable creatures who are stubborn in nature, keeping their feet planted so firmly on the ground that they become quite the pessimist. They are not big fans of argument and go beyond themselves to avoid such predicaments. The few times Taurus cannot avoid argument, one can see the fury within them.

Aquarius people tend to gaze into the world of tomorrow, while remaining acutely conscious of today. They are the strong, intellectual beings who love to explore the life and have different experiences and friends. This ability is rare and involves aptitude, instinct and imagination. But genius and insanity go hand in hand no matter where they go. The constant changing of Aquarius’ personality is often quite difficult to define. They are expressive; they are interesting, quite active. But, turn around twice and they can be unexplainable, quite moody and uncaring. They have the ability to achieve anything and everything and their ways towards life are quite different from that of the general people. Often extremely outgoing, they love their independence and push past the limits to reach their goals.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Fundamentally, the Taurus man is seeking a stable and comfortable life with a lifelong partner. The Aquarius woman is seeking…well, she’s not quite sure what she’s seeking, but a conventional relationship is rarely it. She is eccentric in her own way, unconventional and insistent upon her own rules and her own moral sense. Because the Aquarius woman keeps her emotions at arm’s length, she’s also not necessarily the most faithful of partners, which will drive the Taurus man to distraction. For the Taurus man and Aquarius woman, compatibility will have to come with a very open mind, and the Taurus guy is not renowned for this.

Unlike Aquarius, Taurus is not peculiar, nor are they eccentric or whimsical. They are soft, serene creatures. But fire them up and they make up for the infrequent fury with intensity when it does occur. These two are both born quite grounded, giving them purpose and stability. Outside of these similarities, they are as far apart as two humans can be, but still recognize one another as being from the same era. Taurus, being well reserved, listens instead of talks. They keep their knowledge to themselves, continuously storing more in their minds. This knowledge and common sense Taurus has cautiously accumulated and carefully stored, are nonetheless powerful mental tools. As for the Aquarius, they always know far more than they spill carelessly out of their mouths. But in all they both are very intellectual people and can use their knowledge well if they are combined to achieve a goal.

Compatibility and comprehension between Taurus and Aquarius is possible, but not without efforts. It takes time and effort on both sides to break down the bashful barriers of Taurus as well as the detachment of Aquarius. Perhaps then, and only then is there the possibility of a unity. Once this unity is established, Taurus and Aquarius complement each other very well and are not likely to fall apart. The combination of the two is a union that brings a stable presence and an imaginative and powerful future. Their time together is exciting and wonderful for both of them. Taurus wants to unleash the passion, sensuality and desire they have to offer while Aquarius stays a bit unapproachable, perhaps even detached usually. Aquarius stays untouchable, keeping ahead of the chase and this induces jealousy in Taurus. Both are stubborn and may quickly find a trivial reason to turn them into adversaries.

Taurus and Aquarius always find each other very interesting and are always enthusiastic about the relations they form with each other. As friends, siblings, colleagues and relative, they share an exciting and joyful relationship full of fun and love. In commercial partnership they can work well with their skills which are different but necessary for success. A romantic relationship cannot be smooth especially in starting as Taurus needs lots of devotion while Aquarius takes everything in an easy going way. Time is needed to make them a strong couple and sometimes that might not even work out. As parents they both understand their responsibilities well and give their children everything that is essential to have a secure and memorable childhood. While personally they love to recall their childhood memories and their parents are always an important part of their life.

Taurus and Aquarius have never ending differences, out of which some are interesting while others lead to clashes. They are sometimes two worlds apart and sometimes just flowers of same garden. Taurus may find Aquarius too idea oriented and be demoralized by the off the wall thought patterns of Aquarius. Taurus loves tradition, while Aquarius evades this way of living, leaning more toward innovations of the future. Aquarius resists merging and can live in the mind, while Taurus craves physical intimacy and sensual pleasures. Aquarius also treats money as a pleasure while for Taurus money is worship and they handle it with utmost care. On the positive side, Taurus can manage the day-to-day, and Aquarius comes up with the big picture plan which works well together. If they can handle the gap that naturally exists between them it could very well work and can lead to some awesome relations and partnerships.

Marriage Between Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

There are colors of friendship and love in this marriage. When a Taurus male exchanges vows with an Aquarius female, he promises to always protect her from all kinds of worldly complications and keep her happy. This not only makes her feel safe but she also feels comfortable when he is around as a protection. He is a little possessive about his lady and this may emerge as an issue in their marriage as she doesn’t like anyone intruding in her personal space and freedom. He respects her ideas and thoughts and always supports her patiently except a few times when he finds her ideas completely bizarre. He is traditional and she is unconventional which makes them very different. But with time, they are able to accept and absorb the differences this lead to a stronger bond between the two of them. She learns to be more expressive and teaches him to enjoy life. Their marital bond strengthens and becomes sweeter as they begin to understand and respect each other.

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