Taurus Man in Bed

The Taurus man is a very loving, romantic, sensual and calm man who likes being in love. If you end up dating a man from this zodiac sign and you suddenly feel like you need some space, never suggest things like open relationships or breaks. He does not believe in such solutions.

So if you cannot handle a relationship with him, you best leave with no intention of trying to win him back. Taurus men prefer a stable and consistent relationship and will do whatever they can to keep it that way and make it work. He does not jump from one relationship to another. Once he settles for one partner his plan will be to stick to her until his last day on earth whatever be the love compatible between them.

Taurus Man in Love Relationships

The Taurus male is not very good at expressing himself with words whether in bed or in other aspects of a relationship, no matter how close you are to him or how well he knows you. He is the type of guy who prefers to use actions to express himself.

As much as the Taurus man enjoys the pleasures that come with dating, he is very cautious and will take his time before he gets to into a relationship with anyone. When it comes to relationships he will expect his partner to be completely devoted.

If she complies with that, he too will be equally committed and give his all to make sure that their relationship is a success. As much as he is a calm and quiet man, at times he can get very jealous and could show a completely different side the moment he feels it is time to protect what he believes belongs to him.

How to Turn On a Taurus Man In Bed

They are looking for a very beautiful woman. Do you look in the mirror and secretly smile to yourself because you know that pretty face of yours is going to break a few hearts today? Appearance is very important to the Taurus man. He is a proud man and wants a woman he can be proud of by his side. He is self-confident enough to be able to handle being with even the most attractive of women, as long as she is loyal.

But beauty is not enough. You will also have to have to be intelligent and strong-minded, quietly confident within yourself, fun to be around and exciting. Most important though is your ability to maintain a stable life and mind. No emotional nutters, no spendthrifts, no loud bolshy attention-seekers. Is it too much to ask for just a nice normal girl? It might not sound like the sexiest thing in your mind, but Taurus men are turned on by a woman who can expertly manage and balance everything in her world, including work, money, social scene, family and home. If you are a clean-freak you will be right up his street because disorder in the home is one thing he cannot tolerate.

Femininity is very high on the agenda, so all that sensual lingerie is going to come in handy. One thing to keep in mind though, is that Taurus men can be quite fussy when it comes to scent. Taurus is an earth sign and your natural scent is more likely to turn him on than the flowery or soapy smells you use in the bath. I wouldn’t overdo the perfume or body sprays if I were you, keep it to fresh linen-type deodrants.

Taurus Man Sexual Horoscope

Taurus man are considered to be the most sensual and understanding partners in the bed. Taurus man are born with the qualities of being protective and practical and being sympathetic towards other people’s needs. They are also dominating in nature and their bull comes out while they are performing in the bed. But unlike Aries, these people know how to control and channelise their energies. Comparitively, they are also a hell lot of more sensual than almost any sun signs in the zodiac.

Taurus man are also very understanding of their partners needs and will accordingly behave and perform in the bed with them. These people almost know all the right triggers and techniques to arouse their partners and make them reach the best orgasms. They are also a little bit dominant in the bed because of their dominating traits but not as dominating as an Aries for sure. Taurus man are also very active people and they would never mind having a quick one with their partner be it in the morning or afternoon or at anytime when they or their partner demands for. Taurus are also those kind of people who will never take the initiative and will always expect their partner to take the initiative.

But most of the times it is also found that Taurus man are also very lazy in bed and would always allow their partner to do whatever the want in the bed and let them perform. One more thing about Taurus is that for them even sex is all about hard work and it should take time do so. They are patient when it comes to such issues. They are also very hard to turn on but once they get turned on, there is hardly anyone more sensusal than a Taurus men. Taurus men are the kind of people, who are not horny all the time like an Aries or libra, they are also hard to seduce and they don’t believe in one night stands and infact will always prefer a steady and consisitent partner over such hang-ups. Taurus people take everything seriously and so do they take sex seriously because of their serious nature.

Love with a Taurus guy may not be fun but definitely very satisfying and there is surely something animalistic about having sex with a Taurus. To have sex with a Taurus man and spend time with them in the bed, you first have to gain their trust and you have to get familiar with them because Taurus man has a tendency to take time before commiting to anyone and once they commit, expect a steady and blissful time with them. Hence with Taurus, you should not expect the passion life of high frequency filled with thrill, fun or wildness which you may have with an Aries or a Libar but definitely you can expect intense sex, steady commitment and satisfaction with Taurus.

Taurus Man Passion in Bed

When it comes to bedroom matters the Taurus man is gentle with his partner. He considers sex to be an art and does not hurry it when in bed because he wants to enjoy it to perfection. He pays close attention to his lover’s needs and makes every point of satisfying her.

The Taurus guy has mastered the art of seduction and one of his favorite ways of doing it is by inviting a woman for a high end romantic dinner and creating the proper environment to go with the mood. However, he can be a bit shy sometimes especially around very beautiful women.

It is not hard to satisfy the Taurus man. He does not have extraordinary demands and neither does he expect them from you. He is quite normal in bed. When it comes to experimenting new things in bed he might not really be up for it. However, due to the fact he wants you to be completely satisfied he might just give it a try. Generally though, he prefers to stick to the norm including foreplay.

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