Flirting with Taurus

Taurus flirts slowly but surely. To begin with, Taurus must feel that he has caused a steady interest in his person, after that there can be a game, and flirting, and even love, as well as revealing oneself through having fun when communicating with the opposite sex. Taurus for flirtation is less than other signs of the Zodiac may come virtual communication, they are more interested in a real acquaintance for romance and love.

Taurus, as a rule, does not flirt at all. Their self-esteem does not allow them to openly flirt with representatives of the opposite sex, and in general the exquisite art of flirting is not their element, as they are too material to spend time on such games. But even if they flirt, they make it so restrained that it does not catch sight. At least, outside observers do not realize that next to them, someone "glues" someone. In addition, the Taurus do not show their interest until they are convinced that it is mutual. They need to clearly understand that they will not get embarrassed if they start flirting with someone.

Sweet and sensual, that’s your flirting style. Fingertips lightly caressing your sweetie’s palm, along with a subtle sigh are enough to make them want to pull you into a more, well, intimate embrace. Mainly, you need to know what the person feels like, even before you engage their brain in any meaningful way. Your sensual vibe is so strong that you don’t often need to make the first move, which is fine with you. Just send out the signals and be prepared for action!

You’re so sweet, your flirting style is like an old-fashioned Rom-Com. You prefer if someone comes on to you. You’re also very sensual and have your signature move of lightly touching the palm. If you’re looking for a casual encounter, Scorpio, Aries or Virgos for you. If you want a more lasting relationship, go for a Capricorn, Libra or Gemini.

Flirting with Taurus Love

In one sense this is quite an easy challenge - in another sense it might be a difficult one! When flirting with a fellow Taurus, at least you’re on safe ground. Because you’re both quite solid and reliable creatures, you’re not really into games playing. The good news is that you’ll both know where you stand with each other - and you’re unlikely to want to mess each other around.

Bear in mind, though, that being so down-to-earth and sensible also has its disadvantages. There’s the danger of appearing overly matter-of-fact and insufficiently romantic and enthusiastic - and a double dose of caution and inertia might make it hard for you to get it together.

Your worst move, then, with another Bull is to come across as rather too pragmatic and laid-back. Your best move is to create a strong sense of connection by proving how much you are alike. Attract their interest by pointing out any similarities you’ve noticed between the two of you. Maybe focus particularly on your common appreciation of life’s little luxuries (most Taureans love spoiling themselves).

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