Taurus October 2021 Horoscope

October starts smoothly, you are not part of the top ten of the zodiac however, on a general level a nice evolution is felt during this month. If you need things to move forward and evolve, it will happen, but in due course you do not have control. Whether it is the domain of your love or the domain of the family, the stars advise you to play the card of prudence.

It is only from October 22nd that a new wind sweeps the bad memories away. We will talk about rebirth. Before that, you lack patience, questioning all the things you could say or do. A little hindsight brings you a well-being. No need to go into conflict or ask for ultimatums.

Love in General:
Disagreements are at the center of discussions for couples, you oscillate between disappointment and bad faith. Where are your good intentions? You will have to calm things down, especially since the planetary movements do not help you move in the right direction. It is by showing yourself as reasonable that you find a compromise.

In a relationship:
Everything changes, your way of seeing things is different, it displeases your partner, they make it known. Conflicts continue to worsen, it will be necessary to wait until October 25th for a return to calm and to soothe the ardor between each of you.

Dear Singles, you do not count the days of celibacy anymore. Be careful habits are set up very quickly, force yourself to go out and see people, gain new knowledge, do not hide behind the fear of the unknown, it will lead you to nothing, except to be stuck with your doubts.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You may think that in this month of October nothing very pleasant happens, think again, look around you, you might be surprised by the amazing attitude of some people. Open your eyes wide.

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