Taurus May 2021 Horoscope

Charisma, popularity and fundamentals! The Sun in your sign until the 20th, supported by Venus until the 10th and Uranus all month, enhances your personal radiance, you will not go unnoticed! Jupiter arrives in your social sector on the 14th to join Neptune, promises will be kept and projects are started! Mars in Cancer, in beautiful aspect to your sign, boosts the dynamism in your relationships and your way of communicating. Saturn always in your socio-professional sector requires your seriousness and your sense of responsibility, second decan. Your ideal of life continues to transform, last decan. From the 21st, a Gemini cluster in your sector related to your assets, invites you to look into your monetary affairs, but when it comes to finances, you are the best of the zodiac!

Love in General:
Very conquering, very sensual, this month promises to be torrid for your sign. Your epicurean or even hedonistic nature has more to prove, let it be said, the monthly energies reveal your sentimental potential! Uranus at home could even be worth an originality in the expression of your love, seasonal and sought after! Bet on your emotional fundamentals: calm, pleasure, voluptuousness and tenderness!

In a relationship:
A nice complicity is expected this month. Venus escorts you until the 10th, your sensuality will be at its highest level, enough to revive your honeymoon pronto! Mars all month brings you the tenderness and the delicacy necessary for your reciprocal conjugal blooming. Enjoy!

Your chances of coming across that special someone are high! Mars in Cancer, in your sector related to relationships and meetings, announces many possibilities! Your charisma works wonders until the 20th, while Venus until the 10th accentuates your beauty. Let your voluptuous nature express itself. First decan, Uranus reserves a surprise!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A very nice month is coming for you. Your mood could be rewarded at will, a desire to please naturally and a thrust of life towards the realization of your projects. You are a sign of earth, enamored with reality!

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