Taurus March 2022 Horoscope

Taurus: Astral Climate for March 2022

Your gaze seems to be turned towards the future until the 20th. You are fully mobilized to open the future to your liking. Count on Mars and Venus from the 6th to support your initiatives, plead your cause in high places, charm your interlocutors, and assert your ambitions. You will benefit from active support but beware of a tendency to claim your independence. Your freedom of tone is not universally appreciated.

Taurus: Mood for March 2022

Determined to get what you want and to make your plans a reality, this month, you have the confidence and seductiveness to make an impression on the world around you (the 6th). From the 20th onwards, take a break to rest and reflect rather than act. Rather dynamic, enthusiastic, and offensive, you may find it difficult to channel your desire to operate freely at the end of the month, and you may become irritated. If you project yourself into an ideal future, you will support your dreams based on a more profound (even spiritual) vision of the world and your place in the universe. Your plans are based on solid thinking, so anything is possible.

Taurus: Love for March 2022

You have an indisputable charm and a recognized authority. You will use this to get your message across and encourage those around you to love and follow you (on the 6th). From the 20th onwards, take a step back from events to learn from the past. Jupiter invites you to make plans, and you will not lack arguments to rally support for your projects. You aspire to live stories that transform your world's vision, contribute to your personal evolution, and assert your demands. You dream aloud of a future that inspires you.

Taurus: Money for March 2022

You will benefit from the active support (material, emotional, financial) of those around you who will be won over by your plans. If you do not lack support or the means to implement the projects you have in mind, avoid taking everything for granted, at the risk of someone wanting to cut you off. Money is not the subject that holds your attention until the end of the month when Jupiter reinforces your projects and generates situations that help you morally and materially.

Taurus: Work for March 2022

You stand up for your values and shine in society. Use your strength and charm to put forward your ideas and projects that you have worked out to manage your life with maximum autonomy. You are an active campaigner and use as much charm as offensive arguments to change things. Your ambitions are grand, and your dreams are immense. You involve colleagues, associates, and hierarchy in your universe.

Taurus: Leisure for March 2022

If you are driven by a solid will to impose yourself on others, think of recharging your batteries far from the world's noise from the 20th onwards. Even if you are fully mobilized by your projects to be carried out as soon as possible. If you still have time to spend, you should opt for a discipline that will refocus you (yoga, martial arts). You are busy dreaming, surpassing yourself, and projecting yourself into a future that inspires you! You hardly have the time and even less the need to escape elsewhere than in your head.

Taurus: Key dates for March 2022

- On the 5th, you are enthusiastic about your projects. You are in a good mood and in an excellent position to put them into practice soon.
- On the 17th, your arguments hit the bull's eye, and your freedom of tone is seductive. Take advantage of this to claim more independence.
- On the 19th, don't overdo it. Your charm will only work if you use it in moderation.
- On the 22nd, beware of conflicts in high places if you raise your voice.

Taurus: Advice for March 2022

Mars starts off on a high note but ends on a low note. At first, you are center stage, but then you withdraw from the game to recover the energy spent since the beginning of the year. If the situation favors your flights of fancy, do not overshadow others so that they continue to encourage, even support, your initiatives. With the support of Jupiter, you will put together a project that reflects your evolution and corresponds to your ideal of life.

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