Taurus February 2021 Horoscope

A global cluster in your socio-professional sector announces important issues that you will need to take up! No rush, it's a source of clumsiness! Venus, your planet, supports the sun and Mercury, all in Aquarius, so act with seduction and diplomacy and all will be well! Uranus begins its awakening to renewal, while Saturn and Jupiter offer you an anchor and an evolution, first decan.

A powerful dynamism invites you to act or react as you wish for the whole month, enough to surprise your entourage! Your ideal of life is always changing, third decan, Pluto opens doors for you to the unknown. From the 19th, the Sun in Pisces animates your friendships and illuminates your projects while encouraging you to welcome in your circle friendly people that are a little offbeat and original, thank you Neptune!

Love in General:
Emotional energies do not necessarily respond to your intimate, bucolic and quiet nature which could increase your stress a little or cause a drop in interest in emotional affairs. Nevertheless, Mars all month in your constellation, invites you to spend more especially in love. Temperance and libido!

In a relationship:
If your relationship is going well then no clashes are to be expected. On the other hand, if there have been issues for some time then your patience will not be your first quality and could cause some emotional turmoil with your other half. After the 19th, the climate frankly softens, enjoy!

The cluster of planets in the sign of Aquarius will perhaps push you, a little too quickly, into deceptive arms, without you having considered the consequences enough. Passion will be on the agenda but nothing indicates a long-term relationship so, be careful with your impulses ...

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month is not a redletter month, yet it contains many promising issues for the future. Let it happen and let it go particularly when it comes to work and refocus on what you want to live!

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