Taurus April 2022 Horoscope

April is a month of independence; what you fully assume. You have no desire to impose constraints on yourself and you accept them even less from others. Maybe you've been mulling for too long, all those things you've digested badly? From now on you deliver the substance of your thought and you are right. Saying aloud what you usually think about yourself, you avoid all those little sore throats that ruin your life. Basically, from the 12th you clearly formulate your objectives. You thus find a real motivation that drives you to revisit your ambitions upward. Here you are on a good start, which, from next month, will bear considerable fruits: new knowledge, reorganization of your daily life and even, business opportunities.

Taurus: Love in General April 2022

Taurus:The presence of Venus in the sign of Pisces brings water to your mill. You want to go beyond yourself and the love affair is no exception. It is a time to approach new shores, and each native will have his/her way of doing it: encounter or renewal of feelings. The cards are redistributed. On the 26th and 27th, you leave the mainland.

Taurus: In a relationship April 2022

Taurus:Maybe it's time to arrange a trip or a romantic weekend? Or to give yourself another chance to deepen or recover a relationship. The stars are in favor of a mutual understanding, the development of feelings and sensuality within the couple. Enjoy the wink of the planets.

Taurus: Single April 2022

Taurus:On the 22nd or the 23rd, a proposition of engagement could leave you speechless. Unless you find someone "pinching" for you. Anyway you play the card of caution and you prefer to defer your answer. On the 24th, the evening promises to be lively.

Taurus: Career / Finance April 2022

Taurus: This month, your expansion is always ensured by people who believe in you and your skills. From the 12th and with Mercury in Taurus, the proposals became concrete. So, you will be able to discuss it with them and ask them the questions that are bothering you. If you have to make a decision, wait until the 16th, because Mars in Pisces will inspire you to adopt the right strategy. As for your finances, their evolution is still laborious. You still have to pay attention to your expenses. However, you should feel better in the middle of the month.

Taurus: Monthly Advice April 2022

Taurus:You put your heart to work. Thus, you are considering all the solutions to meet a demand. Do not confuse perfection with perfectionism; it will quickly put you in difficulty.

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