Taurus April 2021 Horoscope

Introspection and a spot light on your personality! A planetary cluster in Aries until the 19th, invites you to think and perhaps to prepare for the start of some projects that you would like to see happen.

Do not panic, your secondary personality adapts very well to these preparatory energies, especially Mars in Gemini until the 23rd, which also boosts your rapport to your wealth: balance this sector. First decan, Uranus jostles you a bit, the best is yet to come. Your socio-professional destiny is in turmoil, Jupiter and Saturn are busy transforming what must be, accompany this process, last two decans. From the 20th, the Sun, Mercury and Venus facilitate your achievements! Mars is in Cancer during the last week, he promotes your exchanges and your paternalistic side. You are loved!

Love in General:
For half of the month until the 14th, your feelings and your amorous impulses are timid, you are modest and reserved. Then, your behavior becomes warmer thanks to Venus in your sign from the 15th to the 20th, your charisma and your pronounced sensuality is fully expressed. Your libido is delicate and tender after the 23rd. It's a nice end of the month to fully enjoy!

In a relationship:
The celestial energies could invite you, in your relationship, to a little temporary detachment but you will turn this corner for the better. After the 14th, Venus in your sign wonderfully boosts your sensuality and your desires. Your feelings for your partner are powerful again. Success!

Throughout half the month, a past love of could come back to your life unexpectedly, whether it's during a trip, a message in writing or the spontaneous help of a friend. Your chances of meeting a new love are clear during the last week. Be patient!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month shakes up your ever so peaceful personality but you should appreciate these celestial accelerations because they take place in your life for your evolution! The universe is always right and knows what is good for you more than you do!

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