Taurus 2021 Horoscope

With a powerful focus on career growth and advancement, this year also involves a period of opportunity to open your mind to new ideas. Your challenges arise from a need to review the past and release those elements from your life that are no longer relevant to your development. Even though you may be building on your past successes, you are likely to feel dissatisfied unless you can see that your efforts are leading toward something beyond your current situation. Blending the spiritual with the practical feels natural now, and adds an enriching peace that enhances your creativity and supports your values.
Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn emphasizes your solar 9th house throughout the year, and stimulates a sense of curiosity and desire to learn, which can be both enlightening and inspirational. This is a good period for travel, and can mark an important cycle if you are involved in writing, journalism, or publishing.You also may be stimulated to increase or enhance your education, and can enjoy significant benefits through cultural or educational pursuits. An opportunity to teach may arise, which can allow you to further develop your professional expertise.
One of the primary features of this cycle is the increase in confidence inspired by Jupiter’s trine to your Sun. However, this also can be a troublesome time if you allow your ego to balloon out of control. The primary pitfalls arise from a temptation to extend beyond your means, whether financially, physically, or emotionally. This newly instilled confidence can give you just the boost you need to take some necessary risks, but only you can judge whether those risks fall within your capacities. One of the safest ways to expand is to open your mind, seek out greater knowledge, or connect with an inspiring teacher or mentor.
As Saturn moves into its next phase, you will begin to recognize the need to let go of elements from your past which now only get in your way. On April 7, Saturn ingresses into the sign of Aries, transiting in your solar 12th house for the next two years. This is a period of clearing, release, and forgiveness, and marks a time when you sense some definite endings. However, these endings are part of a preparatory phase, allowing you to become free so that you can project a more real and comfortable image of your true self. The eclipse cycles also underscore the importance of acknowledging your inner self.
The solar and lunar eclipses draw your attention to work and the relationships between your work and spirituality. Many times, these phases challenge you to take a careful look at the attitudes you hold toward doing the things that fall into the categories of duty and devotion. As the ancient spiritual masters once said, Before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water. The difference between the two levels of experience involves transformations in your perspectives and attitudes.
This is the cycle to determine the best ways to achieve balance between your inner and outer realities. It’s time to reconcile your dreams and hopes with your everyday life. One of the best ways to view this period involves a shift in your awareness and mindfulness. By using this time to become more keenly aware of yourself and your environment, you will begin to see subtle changes. Allow yourself to become both a participant and an observer, keeping a watchful eye on how you operate. By learning to listen to your inner voice and embracing your soul, you can satisfy yearnings for a sense of connecting to the Source. Through this contact, you will know a level of security far beyond the mere illusion of earthly existence.

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