Taurus Monthly Wellness Horoscope

Putting in so much effort at work has resulted in an overtired mind and body. You seldom if ever give any regard to your health and this is the reason for the many health problems that seem to bother you from time to time. A sound mind resides in a sound body, so take heed and stop taking your health for granted. Trust your own abilities to develop a positive attitude this month. Recreational activities will prove to be highly beneficial for your health. A good diet and positive thinking will make a huge difference to your health this month. Be more focused about your health restrictions and make sure that you avoid oily and spicy food at all cost. You are likely to recover from a long illness in middle of the last week. But, it would require strict monitoring of your diet in the initial period. Also, there could be someone with a short temper who has the power to annoy you; do try to keep a large distance between this person and you or else it could prove bad for your rising blood pressure.

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