Taurus Wellness Horoscope

Physical structure: the Taureans take great care of their physical structure and appearance. Usually they have an attractive physical appearance with pleasing face, plump features and sensual lips. Their face is usually oval in shape with prominent middle part and round, upturned nose. They have a fair complexion with thick, shiny hair and a well proportioned body. They like wearing good and stylish clothes and have a great sense of style. They know how to carry themselves with grace and elegance. They are delicate yet tough in their appearance.

Habits: Taureans can sometimes be very lazy which lets to their surroundings being chaotic as they are not energetic enough to organise things around themselves. They feel secure when they have all the things that they require within their hands reach. Such a habit of keeping everything around themselves makes their surroundings chaotic and confusing. Since they are very concerned about security in life, they tend to save a lot but the same tendency to make their future secure gives rise to stress in their life. Lack of liquidity in their life is the major cause of stress for them.

Health: the Taureans usually have a very healthy body and lifestyle. They are full of energy and have good physical stamina which keeps them fit and healthy all through their childhood. But due to their overindulgence in food and drinks, they tend to gain some weight as they grow up. The most sensitive part of their body is the throat which gives rise to problems like congestion. It is important for them to exercise regularly and eat mild diet. Gardening or outdoor activity can also be a great substitute for them if they are not very fond of exercise. It helps them stay fit and healthy.

Beautyscope: light colours usually suit the Taurus. Their soft skin looks great in blue. Floral scarves, bright lipstick and nail polish make them look good. Colours such as light violet, pink or yellow very well compliments their sensuous personality and makes them look great. They are very conscious about their appearance and take great amount of time to choose their clothes and accessories. They are very particular about what they wear, even if it is for a simple occasion. They put a lot of thought in the clothes they wear and usually prefer expensive clothes.

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