Taurus 2021 Love Horoscope

This is going to be an unusually active and happy social year – much more active than the last year. It is active both romantically and platonically. Taurus meet friends of the mind and friends of the heart.

Friendship has been important for some years now, and this trend continues. It seems like one of your highest priorities. You seem plugged in and networked. You meet new people on the Internet, you correspond by e-Mail, you attend on-line conferences and in general expand your circle of friends. You learn that you are not isolated or separate from others; there are many others who share your views, thoughts and feelings. On the mind level you are never alone.

The friends you meet now are spiritual and creative types.

Some are scientifically-orientated and others astrologically-orientated – none of them is what you would call conventional.

Your romantic life is equally interesting and equally rewarding this year. Singles are likely to find that special someone in 2021 – the most promising periods are from 13th February to 28th June and from 20th October to the end of the year. Marriage or serious commitment is a strong probability.

Love is very idealistic this year. You want the ideal one and you find it. Love comes through the pursuit of your spiritual ideals, at a ministry or spiritual seminar, prayer group or charitable function. Or perhaps while you’re volunteering your time at a hospital or visiting someone in hospital. If you’re running around to bars, discos and nightclubs looking for love this year, you’re just wasting time and money.

Love this year is very karmic. The person you meet will undoubtedly be someone you’ve known for many lifetimes. You will feel instant recognition – as if you and this new person were already old friends.

Wonderful aspects are indicated for those who have been married before: a second marriage is quite probable. This person comes into your life after 1st March and it looks like a long-term, enduring relationship. Your chart indicates that the person may be older (not an old person, but older than you and perhaps older than the types you usually date), more established, traditional and very steady. Perhaps he or she is over-controlling, but it comes from benevolent motives. This person has a desire to bring your life into some kind of order.

Those who have been married twice before are also finding romance this year. The person in question is very creative and spiritual. There is much glamour around him or her. He or she marches to a different drummer and this is perhaps part of the allure. You will meet this person as you pursue your career goals. It could happen at work – it could even be one of your superiors or bosses. It starts out as a friendship but can -and probably will – develop into something more.

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