Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

You’ve got a few days at the beginning of the week when the sun is still in your luxury-loving sign, which means you’ll be in the mood to spoil the person you’re crushing on. Lucky them! Whoever said it’s the thought that counts obviously hasn’t been chased by a “spare no expense” Bull!

When the sun moves into versatile but unreliable Gemini on Friday, you lose a lot of the focus that you’re known for. And as you become less attentive and more distracted, you might get a reputation for being a bit scattered and unreliable. If you have a tough time keeping track of details like who you’re meeting and when, Taurus, write them down.

Mercury is retrograde when it reverses into your set-in-your-ways, conservative sign over the weekend, and your refusal to budge can really make things uncomfortable now. If a potential date disagrees with you about something, it’s actually an option to not get into an argument over it. Imagine that!

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