Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

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Is it hot in here or is it just you?! With your guiding planet Venus spending time in fiery Leo at the start of the month, your love life is full of passion and excitement. You crave attention more than usual, and getting a text or DM from your crush makes you feel all tingly inside!

There’s a difficult square between intense Mars in Leo and experimental Uranus in your stubborn sign on July 3, which can cause you to dwell on the things that you aren’t happy with instead of the areas of your love life that are doing just fine. Listen to a friend who wants to point out the positives for you. It’s unlikely they have ulterior motives.

You’re a much more responsible person when Venus leaves spontaneous Leo and partners with Virgo, another earth sign, on the twenty-first, so you’ll be able to highlight all the ways you’d make a wonderful long-term partner. Volunteering to do a task no one else wants to do calls attention to you in all the right ways.

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