Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re pretty set in your current romantic routine while your lovely leader cruises alongside balanced Libra early this month, and if it’s working for you, by all means, don’t change a thing! But if you’re looking for some more excitement, Taurus, open your mind and see what else is out there.

On October 2, it should be easier to talk to your crush or just people in general. As conversational Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and stays partnered with witty Gemini, you’re much less likely to get things twisted. Misunderstandings are inevitable, but they don’t have to totally ruin a good time.

Strongly emotional water sign Scorpio and your partnership zone begins influencing both the sun and Venus for several weeks starting on the twenty-third, which puts you on the path toward finding your soul mate. You’ll indulge in a casual date here and there, but you’re mainly interested in finding “the one” during these intense transits.

Taurus Compatibility