Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Your jealous streak shows itself as the sun moves through your sometimes possessive sign for most of the month, Taurus. And even though you probably know your grip is too tight, that might not help you loosen it. If you aren’t careful, this kind of behavior might scare someone off for good.

On May 2, your energy shifts again as your loving leader Venus moves out of sensitive Pisces and into dominant Aries, improving your confidence and removing a lot of your cautious nature. You’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, and you’re attracted to signs like shy Cancer and nonconfrontational Libra who will let you lead the way.

On the tenth, mentally active Mercury goes retrograde while paired with chatty Gemini, so your mind might be moving a lot faster than your mouth! The wrong things tend to come out now, either verbally or in a text or post, and once they’re out they’re hard to take back. Get ready to apologize to any offended parties.

Later in the month, on May 28, the risk-taking combination of Venus and Aries breaks up and Venus takes comfort in your steady, reliable sign. While some of the spontaneity of the Venus-Aries duo was exciting, you’re more at ease in this predictable space. And it shows.

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