Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

You always thought dating was supposed to be fun, but during the stressful Venus-Mars square on February 4, that definitely isn’t the case. If you have bad history with an ex, expect those old problems to resurface now worse than ever. Leaving the past behind is especially difficult during this emotion-stirring aspect.

Better vibes come from the sextile between your romantic leader Venus and eccentric Uranus on the eighth, mainly because they add an element of excitement as they encourage you to deviate from your usual romantic routine. Do you feel way out of your comfort zone? Probably. But the anticipation is a huge turn-on!

A softer side of you emerges when the luminous sun partners with optimistic Pisces on February 18, which can help attract your soul mate or at least your next great love. Letting go of inhibitions isn’t easy, Taurus, but you’ll know when you can trust someone and when you can’t. Follow your instincts.

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