Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope

This month, you’re finding your way. There’s a full moon in Leo on February 5, and Taurus, you’re breaking free of an old pattern. You might have noticed that you’re following in one of your parent’s footsteps. And while you do love and honor your parents, you could recognize that this isn’t the career path for you. You could be making a course correction soon.

The sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius on the sixteenth. Taurus, you can get a promotion, but it’s going to be a lot of work. You might be warned about the number of projects you’ll be responsible for and how small your team will be. You’re certainly capable of doing it, but you might want to think this through before applying for the job.

On February 19, there’s a new moon in Pisces, and Taurus, the work you do in the community could have a positive impact on your job. It’s possible you work for a company that has a “giveback” program. And this means you can take time away from work to participate in some charitable activities. If you own a business, you might be forming a nonprofit to support a community or cause that is near and dear to your heart.

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