Rooster Taurus

Persistent, eccentric, and romantic, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Rooster Taurus are hard workers who prefer to create their own universe rather than wait for life to happen to them. Rooster Tauruses usually maintain a cool exterior, and can be straightforward to the point of being blunt. They don’t sugarcoat what they want to say; they consider that a waste of everyone’s time. At the same time, Rooster Tauruses don’t like to hear the hard truth about themselves. They want so badly to succeed and to avoid making mistakes that they often get TOO focused on the details and miss the big picture. Rooster Tauruses HATE to look foolish or incompetent, so they must always be one step ahead of everyone else, which can be exhausting and is often unnecessary.

In the animal kingdom few creatures transform their surrounding environment as much as Rooster Tauruses do. By building their dams they are altering the flow of the environment all around them. In human societies this kind of activity is much more likely to cause disruption to the neighbors, co-workers, and family surrounding them. Humans born under the sign of the Rooster Taurus often don’t have the liberty to change their environment as readily as their animal namesakes do. Humans are smart enough to have some idea of how their actions would affect those around them, thus they have to be more careful and diplomatic in building their empire unless they want to face a large amount of opposition along the way.

And build an empire they will. Most Rooster Tauruses are extremely dedicated to the idea of success, and most will want to succeed by doing things their own way. Career is of great importance as this is their primary method of proving that they have been successful in life. Members of this sign like having nice surroundings. They will likely indulge in their home or office setup, splurging on the best of the best as another way of proving their success to themselves and others. Truly the biggest danger for Rooster Tauruses is becoming too self-focused. In their quest for success and a place in history, those born under this sign face the danger of losing track of what is really important in life and often will sacrifice relationships to chase their goals.

Being a blend of two self-focused and determined signs, Taurus and Rooster, this sign has good intentions but can easily find themselves spiraling into depression and anxiety which leads them to a place of burnout and disappointment. Taurus needs security and the Rooster needs to be constantly achieving. Taurus hates change but needs change to succeed while the Rooster has big dreams that usually end up being less fulfilling than originally imagined. As with every Primal Zodiac sign, the two sides of a person’s birth sign must be balanced in order for that person to become balanced. Rooster Tauruses must learn to take time out from working and use that time to build rewarding relationships that have no end-goal in mind.

Rooster Taurus Traits

You’re a tormented personality, which will improve only after numerous years of life. Your mind is little inclined to concessions and shows a clear tendency to resentment. Your comportment is demanding and rigorous, which renders you terribly efficacious, but also difficult, obstinate, tyrannical, and even egoistic. Add to all this your frequent fits of bad humor and sudden outbursts. No wonder if your relationships with those who don’t know you well often take place under the sign of coldness or tension.

You’re also a nature which is passionate and full of contradictions. Born with powerful instincts, you’ll try during almost all your life to control them. Indeed, you’ll always feel a fascination for all that’s related to sexuality and death, pleasure and pain. You must also constantly beware of your self-destructive tendencies.

You love life passionately, well decided to bite hungrily into it whenever it’s possible. But unfortunately your joys are almost always altered by gloomy ideas, anguish, or by the haunting thought that every good thing must come to an end.

With your fabulous capacity for work, you’ve no problem succeeding in your career and finding yourself a place in the sun. Inclined to extremes, you find it difficult to establish a well-balanced love life. Sex plays a preponderant role in your destiny. However, your attachments are strong if you know how to control your instincts better.

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