Rat Taurus

Combining the ambition and cunning of the Rat with the stubborn persistence of the Bull, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Rat Taurus are capable of creating great success in their lifetimes. Both highly capable and strong-willed, members of this sign are willing to take the risks necessary to lead them to their goals.

These traits represent both the best and worst sides of the Rat Taurus. Their strong work ethic and enthusiasm for achievement help them immensely when it comes to getting what they want out of life. At the same time Rat Tauruses are often too willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to accomplish what they have their minds set on. Some may even reach the very edge of ethical and moral boundaries if need be, though luckily they are usually smart enough to know not to cross the legal ones.

Once Rat Tauruses become focused on a goal, there is simply no stopping them unless they choose to stop themselves. Though not patient in the classic sense of the word, they are willing to take each step one at a time in order to build the foundation for their success. This is often the difference between this sign and others who seek success. Even though they want the glory and riches as soon as possible, Rat Tauruses inherently know that it will take time to get where they want to go, and are willing to wait if it gives them a better shot at having it all.

Rat Tauruses have great instincts. They understand people very well and will often partner up with others to reach higher levels of success. Witty, imaginative, and charming, they are surprisingly skilled at convincing others to join them on their road to greatness. Usually they will stay loyal to their comrades, though they will not hesitate to do what is necessary to keep their dreams alive. The “big picture” is the only picture for a Rat Taurus.

Interestingly, in the animal kingdom, the typically vegetarian Rat Taurus has been found to prey on other small animals if need be. Though this is rare, it clearly represents the singular focus and survival instincts of the animal which represents those born under its sign.

Rat Taurus Traits

This combination is very interesting. Your personality implies, on one hand, stability and opening on reality which are particular to the Taurus sign, and on the other hand the lightness and intellectuality of the Rat sign. Therefore, you are neither too materialistic nor too idealistic.

You’ve much humor and charm, and always preserve a candid and juvenile side to your character. Everything is for you good to know as you take an interest in a multitude of diverse things, by getting information mostly from reading and surfing on the Internet. When you tackle whatever subject, you’re often inexhaustible because of your immense knowledge. You also like to do odd jobs thanks to your great manual dexterity.

In your career, you know how to sell yourself at a very high price, helped in this by your great sense of opportunity and also your power of persuasion. Intermediary positions as well as commerce and artistic jobs suit you well. Your health is good on the whole but with marked vulnerability to respiratory troubles. In order to stay well, you must absolutely avoid smoking.

You’ve the sense of friendship. But in love, you’re rather inclined to flitting about out of your taste for pleasing and also out of your spirit of game. However, you generally improve with age, and you’re not particularly concerned by mid-life crisis.

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