Pig Taurus

Those born under the sign of the Pig Taurus are strong, determined, sensitive, and stubborn. While they may not show their sensitive side to others, it is there - hidden beneath a layer of friendly manners they always keep on the surface. Pig Tauruses tend to be rather quiet, and even antisocial, until you get to know them - or rather, until they get to know you. Members of this sign prefer to quietly observe until they feel comfortable with the group. Once you get them going, though, this is actually quite a social sign that gets along well with many different types of people.

Pig Tauruses are smarter, stronger, and more agile than others expect. This sign can be painfully over-indulgent and procrastinating to the point that others wonder how it is they get by day to day. Once a Pig Taurus has made up its mind, however, there is nothing that can stop them from getting what they want. This is where their slow determination and stubborn refusal to let anything stop them give them their great strength.

Pig Tauruses prefer familiar people and places. They are fond of luxuries and usually have well-kept homes where they enjoy hosting parties. A Pig Taurus will always have great food, wine, and desserts on hand, as they do like to indulge in worldly pleasures a bit too much. Hosting parties and entertaining guests is where they shine the most. They prefer this very strongly over going out to clubs or bars or anywhere else loud or crowded.

Pig Taurus Traits

You’re a very engaging, gentle, and lovable personality — people like you willingly. The sense of friendship is very much developed in you; you never hesitate to bend over backwards to please your numerous friends.

For you, the family circle is sacred and constitutes a sufficient universe where you evolve happily. You hardly like to get out of your home. Your attachment to your house, your hearth, your family has something really passionate. If you’re a city-dweller, your greatest dream would be to own a house in the country and to acquire land and goods for your children, in conformity with your rather conservative nature.

You’ve simple tastes, which helps you find your happiness under all circumstances. Sensual and gourmand, you’re intent on fully enjoying all the good pleasures of life and not concerning yourself with metaphysical considerations.

Your professional success is frequent and easy thanks to your talent, your all natural chance, and your art of winning good and loyal friends. Your imagination also is an appreciable advantage. If you show patience in seeing through what you’ve begun, then you can make a fortune. But you must refrain from dreaming too much, for some of your grandiose dreams are susceptible of lessening your efficacy and provoking bitter disappointments.

In love, you hate complications and dramas. It’s simple and peaceful happiness that you look for. You love to bring well-being, gentle way of life, and amorous joys to those whom you love.

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