Horse Taurus

Those born under the sign of the Horse Taurus can be difficult to figure out. On one hand they appear to be relatively friendly, hard-working individuals who work too much and are always focused on something else. Get in the way of their goals, though, and watch out. Few signs have the explosive temper of the Horse Taurus. They don’t mean to offend, but the hot-headed and heavy-hearted Horse Taurus lives in an inner world of extremes and has a hard time realizing that others don’t see everything that is going on behind their focused exterior. To this sign, life is a battle that must be won at all costs, and anyone not with them must be against them.

Members of this sign are obsessed with the future. More accurately, they are obsessed with their future success. Few signs are as determined as the Horse Taurus. Once they have decided to achieve a goal they will pour themselves into the challenge, often working late into the night to follow through on an idea before it slips away. Horse Tauruses are much more creative than they seem from the outside. The combination of innovative thinking and a stubborn yet passionate drive often overwhelms a Horse Taurus’s senses. They have a hard time staying balanced between working and living, which they too often view as the same thing.

In truth, Horse Tauruses just want to be admired and appreciated. They know that few others are capable of matching their ambition and motivation, and since they appreciate these qualities more than any others they can’t understand why those around them don’t seem to acknowledge their efforts. These traits are indeed admirable and even impressive to some, but what Horse Tauruses fail to realize is that those close to them prefer the rare opportunity of having them present in the moment over getting to share in their future success.

Horse Taurus Traits

You’re straight off a very engaging and sympathetic personality. Near you, one feels at ease and enthusiastic. One finds in you a nature which is fond of life, sensual but without vice. Your life morals are above all centered on normality as well as simple and wholesome pleasures.

One can sometimes reproach you for certain egoism. But, basically, you’re perfectly capable of generosity and idealism. Indeed, you lend willingly and you lend yourself even more willingly.

Your taste for work and great projects helps you know professional and material success very early in your life. You often accede to a very enviable social position. All that concerns travels or foreign countries suits you well. You benefit from a good astral configuration for chance, good hazard, and financial gains.

You tend to flit about much at the start of your youth. You attract numerous sympathies and no less numerous amorous successes. But the day when you engage yourself in a union, you’ll sincerely try to respect your contract by showing praiseworthy faithfulness. You’ll also be well prepared to do the impossible so as to bring comfort to your loved ones and to make their lives beautiful and happy. Sincere and dynamic, you need to express your strong amorous penchants all the while preserving your independence of thought and action.

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