Taurus Girls

Taurus girl since the childhood pleases the parents with calm character and outstanding abilities. She gives tenderness and care to close people, helps her mum on housework, well studies in school. Love and attention are very important for this little girl, because she assigns an important role in her life to feelings.

Taurus Girl Personality

Taurus baby girl is a little mistress who will find the application of every thing. It is important for such a child to discover their abilities without the help of their parents. His teachings annoy him. On the contrary, he wants to show independence and show others what he is capable of.

A girl of the earthly sign of the zodiac is unlikely to wear boyish outfits. She will gladly try on a beautiful dress, complement it with a bright rim or mother’s beads. This little girl since childhood wants to be feminine. She has excellent taste and a refined sense of beauty.

"Earth" girl needs to touch everything and taste it. It is unlikely that she will deny herself the pleasure of rummaging through her mother’s cosmetic bag or dunking her finger into the pie dough. It is very important for her that parents are always there. She can touch one of her relatives to make sure he is present.

Taurus baby prefers comfortable things, so it’s unlikely to appreciate the beautiful hairpin that pulls the hair. Rather, she will ask her parents to buy her regular gum to wear her every day and under any outfit. This child has good physical data, so it can easily go in for sports.

Taurus girl since childhood assigns the main place to feelings, but all things are practical. She likes playing dolls, exploring the world around her and expressing her emotions clearly. The parents of such a child should rejoice that they have the opportunity to enjoy the childish spontaneity and for the time forget about the deeds.

The baby of the earth sign of the zodiac appreciates delicious food, naturalness of nature, bright feelings. As a child, she seeks to win the love and affection of others. She likes it when the adults hug her, kiss her, and praise her. She does not like to be in the spotlight, but she does not tolerate loneliness.

It is important for the Taurus girl to feel the ground beneath her feet. She does not want to be in the clouds. For adults, it gives the impression of a calm and sensible child, who strives for practicality, order, discipline. "Earth" baby herself knows what she needs, so she gets irritated when her parents demand something from her.

The girl of the Taurus zodiac sign does not like to feel in emotional fights. She firmly defends her position in disputes and tries with all her might to achieve her goal. She likes comfort, she values peace and tranquility. Faced with difficulties, she tries to find a way out of the situation. She is patient, practical and enduring.

Little Taurus are peacekeepers. They will never enter into a conflict of their own free will and will try to resolve the argument that has ensued. If necessary, they will be able to influence others and direct them in the right direction. These children will always give love and tenderness to their parents.

Taurus Childhood

Taurus daughter pleases parents with their calmness. She is not curious, so she very rarely asks her father and mother questions. Most of the time, the "earthly" baby plays dolls or is engaged in drawing. In addition, she almost never cries. She’s just too lazy to waste emotions.

The Taurus girl always has a good appetite. She likes tasty food, she eats with pleasure what her mother prepared. Thanks to high-grade nutrition this child has a strong physique, grows strong and healthy, and in schooldays quite often starts to go in for sports.

"Earth" baby is a gentle and flexible creature. She attaches great importance to physical contacts, so she often hugs someone from her parents. However, being in the center of attention, she often closes in herself and does not know what to talk about with new people.

Friends of a girl born under the sign of Taurus, trying to demonstrate their skills. She is happy to participate in games where you need to show your knowledge. It can be found behind the construction of a doll house, modeling of plasticine, drawing. In the future, such a child can achieve significant success in artistic activity or vocal skill.

An earthly baby is important for stability, so she does not tolerate long trips. Even if the parents take her to the resort or to the camp, she misses the house very much and comes to real delight when she returns to her native walls. For her, the change of place of residence or kindergarten is a great stress.

If the parents treat the daughter Taurus gently, educate her in a benevolent environment, then she will grow up a soft and flexible person, an exemplary mistress and mother. Strict requirements will negatively affect the nature of the child. Over time, he will become angry and sullen.

Taurus Schoolgirl

The first day in school is hard for a baby born under the sign of Taurus. However, over time, she gets used to the new situation and becomes a diligent student. In a diary, such a child has good grades, he diligently performs homework. But he does it not because he is delighted with the school, but in order to achieve the location of the teachers.

Taurus girl is not late for classes. She tries to follow not only the curriculum, but her own. She does not get tired of predictability, on the contrary, in a familiar environment, she feels more confident. Such a child seldom asks questions to teachers, and before raising his hand, assesses how necessary it is.

The baby of the Earth sign of the zodiac likes classes, on which one can reason. She aliens objects, where you need to show imagination. This little girl does not hurry to learn new material. For its slowness is not laziness, but a desire to firmly grasp the knowledge. It is important for such a child to keep the prescribed pace both at home and at school.

The "earth" girl always brings the matter to the end. It is difficult for her to switch from one task to another. She is capable of constant, measured work and is ready at a convenient opportunity to demonstrate her knowledge. She is irritated by the disorder. It is necessary for it that every thing has its place.

Parents should show the world to their growing daughter Taurus. In the future, this will help her to avoid stress when changing the situation. And to teach the baby to dispose of finances, it is best to trust her with small amounts. Soon she will understand that money can be postponed, it will be typed experience and in an adult life will be financially secured.

To find a common language with a small calf, parents should treat him like an adult. Otherwise, their daughter may show her stubbornness, or even completely shut up in herself. With such a child you need to communicate on an equal footing, without raising your voice and not demanding complete obedience.

Taurus Girl’s Youth

Growing up, the Taurus girl begins to be interested in boys. She has a strong constitution, is notable for good health, but at the same time looks very feminine. Over time, a representative of the earth sign of the zodiac learns the intricacies of communicating with men. She can quickly locate a person if she needs it.

The Taurus girl knows what she wants from life. Choosing a profession does not cause her difficulties. She dreams of working in a field not related to heavy physical labor, and is not averse to enrolling in the Applied Arts Department, becoming a seller of cosmetics or flowers, a dancer or a singer.

"Earth" girl usually studies well in college, but sometimes gets bad grades because of inattention. It’s ready to be full of grandiose ideas. In addition, the representative of this sign of the zodiac is very talented. She can finish a college with a red diploma, if she thinks that she needs it.

The girl, born under the sign of Taurus, seeks a serious relationship. Realizing that by the end of her studies she does not have a permanent partner, she will direct all her efforts to care for herself and will try to find her husband. However, the attention of the representative of the earth element will be directed not only to personal life, but also to professional activity.

If a Taurus girl does not marry after majority, she will try to get as much pleasure out of life as possible. It is at 18 years of age that the moral foundations will be laid, allowing to build a further life. The material base of the earth sign of the zodiac will create in the period from 20 to 30 years.

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