Taurus Boys

For a child born under the sign of Taurus, a simple necessity is a strong family that will be able to protect him from various troubles and tribulations. Such a child is delighted with such simple and familiar things as comfortable and comfortable clothes, as well as delicious food. Boys born under this sign of the zodiac prefer a quiet and peaceful life and various changes and transformations are experienced by him too hard.

Taurus Boy Personality

The Taurus boy is a very independent child. He does not tolerate compulsion, orders, any violence against himself, and, resisting, becomes malicious and uncontrollable. It can be "taken" by gentle, gentle treatment. Then it melts, and whims and resistance disappear.

The love of family is what little Taurus needs most. Encouraged by it, he overcomes his inherent indecision. Love, however, deprives him of suspicion that he "does not need anyone". In fact, an aggressive sign of the zodiac of a Taurus boy can be seen rarely — only in moments when he is forced to do something against his will.

Usually it is a quiet, calm child. He does not fight, he does not shout, he does not misbehave — and he looks down on those who do it. In the children’s collective, he can look at first "white crow", not participating in common tricks. But his diligence, the pursuit of justice, honest friendship, sanity will later make him a leader.

Taurus-child concentrated, diligently studying, accurate. But it is slow, it is difficult to switch from one activity to another and, sometimes, lags behind others in school because of this. However, his perseverance and good memory help him to cope with this.

Both parents and teachers need to know that the boy Taurus should be given time to think about, not to distract him, not to pull, not to make him hurry, not to create stressful situations, because of which he can lose confidence.

Taurus Childhood

Taurus boys in early childhood is most often poorly developed in physical terms and subject to various diseases. These children give their parents a lot of anxiety and anxiety, which is associated with a strong excitement for their health.

The Taurus boy differs from other children in his mobility, because he prefers quiet activities. At this time, other kids can play games of high mobility, and the baby-calf will sit quietly on the floor and do their own thing. This is due to the fact that such kids do not like noisy and mobile types of activities, because unnecessary running is too much for them.

In early childhood, Taurus boys differ from their peers with a good appetite, which is most often preserved among them throughout their entire life. The exception can be only those cases when these children have various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with excessive strain on the stomach.

Taurus Schoolboy

The first trip to school is an important event for Taurus boy, as during this period the environment changes and the child enters a new level of relations. In his life there are new people, and the authority of parents is replaced by his new classmates.

Boys born under such a sign of the zodiac, learn with desire, however, there may be difficulties with mental abilities. This is due to the fact that the various thinking processes of such a child are included in the work rather slowly and it takes additional time to rethink the information received. Often in adults there are feelings that the boys Taurus are lazy, slow and do not want to learn, so you can hear reproaches toward these children.

Despite the fact that such students learn the material much slower than others, their memory well retains the perceived information. In the event that in this adaptation period the school treats the child with understanding and kindness, then in the future one can observe impressive successes in its development.

Often you can see that the boys Taurus begin to sulk at adults for any reason. In the event that you indulge all their whims and go on their way, then they can soon become a real capricious. In addition, these children can see a tendency to greed and at its first manifestations it is necessary to explain to the child that you should not attach yourself so much to usual things.

Boys born under the sign of Taurus rarely show aggression towards others, and usually they do not have any conflicts with their peers. These children are true friends, friendly with others and almost do not lie. The Taurus boy is harmonious and adequately perceives the world around him, but he negatively treats such manifestations of a person’s character as rudeness and anger.

In the event that such a child in the family develops an unfavorable situation, then this can make him self-contained and insecure. In addition, such a tense situation can provoke the development of a variety of psychological problems that may occur much later.

Taurus Boys’s Youth

Taurus boys over the years have been successful both in schooling and in the surrounding life. They stand out with strong physical build and mental abilities, and they are reliable and constant friends. If necessary, decide on the profession usually boys Taurus does not have any problems. This is due to the fact that such children soberly assess their abilities and do not build any illusions and air locks.

Boys of this sign give preference to material values, so they prefer the profession to the one that will satisfy these requests. Most often these children prefer such professions, which in some ways are intertwined with food, for example, a cook, a butcher, a cook or a pastry-shop. However, Taurus boys can be found in such a field of activity as agriculture and gardening.

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