Taurus Baby

From infancy Taurus differs equanimity and calmness, cries a little, and only on business — being frightened of something, or very hungry. The cry of Taurus in this case is demanding, impatient, he will never "snitch", as do other little children sometimes do. If he feels the presence of an adult, if the situation is familiar and calm for him, he will study the world with pleasure, examining everything around, then — trying everything in his hands, taste. In food, Taurus is pretty fastidious, from the very first lures will only eat what he likes to taste, spilling out everything else.

Taurus is stubborn — these parents will notice very early. As soon as the baby starts to crawl, he will actively explore the world, and if his parents tear him away from this most interesting activity, he will roar very loudly and long until he is allowed to continue his activities. Transitions of mood from cheerful, enthusiastic to sullen and angry at Taurus often happen — sometimes parents and do not guess what exactly was the reason for his bad mood. Taurus-kid is happy to communicate with both children and adults, very fond of tactile contacts — kissing, hugging, stroking. When he falls down or painfully strikes — his insult and the ball can muffle caressing kisses and stroking, at such moments the baby feels more comfortable in the hands of adults.

Little Taurus is conservative, he does not like changes in life, an unfamiliar situation, and is lost among strangers. Taurus should be slowly and very tactfully taught to the kindergarten and the school — with excessively active actions of parents, he can become locked in himself, lose interest in games and knowledge of the world, which will quickly affect the development of his abilities and training. "The method of the whip" does not suit the little Taurus at all — he needs to use the "carrot method" in his upbringing, praising and kissing him for all his achievements and victories. If Taurus demands something, it is obstinate, parents need to talk to him in an even and calm voice, and, forbidding something, necessarily offer him an alternative. Baby wants to jump on the couch? Promise to take him to the children’s park, to the trampoline. He does not want to go to sleep? Suggest putting your favorite teddy bear to bed together.

The Taurus kid can not be deceived — having noticed the insincerity, he will stop trusting this person. He already at a tender age shows a character, claiming for property: if an adult without his permission moved toys in his room, or threw out what seemed to him garbage, Taurus can protest indignantly, demanding to return everything to its places. Taurus enjoys learning, although he is lazy and very slow. He is always meticulous and concentrating tasks, but — not always right. The mind of Taurus is capacious, practical, but it lacks the flexibility of thinking. Often Taurus, memorizing material, is crammed, and what he remembered once, he will remember his whole life. For Taurus, it is very important to alternate activities, and the lessons to be punctuated by rest breaks, then he will study with pleasure, not tired.

Taurus Boys

Taurus is fascinated by the work of machines. They can not wait to understand them just to understand how they are arranged. It is not easy to let the baby disassemble the vacuum cleaner on the cogs, but you will be amazed when the child collects it. Taurus, as representatives of the practical sign of the earth, likes to do something with their own hands. They will not read, if there is a possibility to make something, they will have enough patience to finish their business.

Taurus — one of the most affectionate signs of the zodiac, his desire for physical contact may seem a manifestation of the male principle. Taurus is endowed with a unique ability to express feelings with words and touches, and therefore, if you have a Taurus son, it is important not to forget about physical contacts with him, although representatives of some peoples consider them unnecessary and unnatural.

Taurus boys, as a rule, strong. In fact, the Taurus only seems rude, because their strong body holds a tender soul. Taurus never becomes a victim of emotional vulnerability, characteristic of water signs, they cultivate prudence and discretion. Therefore, they are less in need of parental guidance, but require immense love and comfort.

Taurus Girls

Taurus girls have the same interest in the practical world and the same need for physical contacts, as well as for boys. It’s useless to tell your daughter "do not touch" when she stretches her finger to your makeup or pie test to taste it; She already obeys the sensuality possessed by nature.

Little girls are happy to explore the world, enjoying ordinary, everyday things. Being the parent of such a child, you can distract from the complexities of life and enjoy the childish spontaneity. Taurus appreciate the most essential things in life — good food, the beauty of nature, the attachment of people to each other. In childhood, girls tend to get as many such benefits as possible — they form a kind of emotional ballast for later life.

Taurus girls are distinguished by a special femininity peculiar to them. They do not cherish the love for embellishments and ornaments, since convenience is appreciated above all else. The word "fragility" does not occur at the sight of the Taurus girls, because they are endowed with a fortress, characteristic of the signs of the earth. They are distinguished by sensuality and earthiness. Taurus is not devoid of charm, they know how to take advantage of women’s tricks to achieve what they want. They love caresses, but this is not intrusiveness, but an attempt to make sure of your consistency: after touching you, the Taurus girls check whether you are really close.

Advice for parents of the Taurus-childs

Frequent in parenting of children parental techniques — screams or threats — against Taurus children are not only useless, but also harmful. The best way is to give a strong argument, why it is necessary to act in one way or another. One can also appeal to a very developed sense of justice in these children.

Parents and teachers, especially if they refer to fire or air signs, can be annoyed because of the slowness of the Taurus. These children are difficult to act quickly, switch from one to another. If they are urged and blamed for slowness, the Taurus child generally starts to fall out of hand. Having children of this sign of the Zodiac, it is just necessary to calculate the time allocated to them for this or that action correctly, with a good reserve.

Taurus is vital to be sure that his house is his fortress, where he can count on a peaceful existence and comfortable atmosphere. It is very bad when a child of this sign has to live on two houses because of certain circumstances: for him this is tantamount to their absence. The child should be confident in his safety, you can not even joke about it with him. Saying in the spirit of "if you are that, then you can leave home" against the Taurus are dangerous.

Taurus children love to have fun, to eat deliciously, to luxuriate in bed, but if they satisfy all their requests, they will quickly get rid of them and become capricious. Young Taurus should be taught to work intellectually, spiritually, not too attached to things and earthly pleasures.

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