Taurus October 2018 Horoscope

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After the 4th, the focus is on cultural or artistic activities. Children and young ones make you happier than usual and you may feel the need to splurge to show them you care around the 9th. Paperwork and communication difficulties don’t get straightened out till after the 20th. You`ll have to be patient until then. Minor health problems clear up after the 28th. With Halloween around the corner, be creative and dress up as Fort Knox, a designer handbag, Arnold Swartzenegger, or Cleopatra.
On the 10th, the Moon falls in your 6th house of diet and fitness. Now is the time to begin a beauty program, but for greater success start it with another person. Wardrobe additions should be feminine, pastel in color, and or the epitome of good taste.
Lucky you this month. Venus enters your 5th house of romantic activity and love blossoms. Look for a sincere Virgo, detached Scorpio, or sensitive Pisces to be in the picture. You feel sentimental and romantic and could splurge with a night out on the town on the 9th or the 10th. Minor differences erupt around the 28th over a sexual matter. YouH wonder how two people could be physically close but worlds apart in philosophy.
Recreational expenses may get out of hand around the 9th.
Avoid impulsive spending by taking a shopping list along with you. Near the 18th, youll be shocked by a sudden turn in fortune. Saturn and Uranus team up, and depending on the rest of your horoscope, could bring a major windfall. Speculative matters don’t go as well as anticipated around the 28th. After the 20th you’ll be better informed about your bank balance.
The Moon on the 24th falls in your sign and you may be in a relationship crisis. You may be resisting change and thus inhibiting the growth in the relationship. You’re known for your stubbornness and this Moon tells it like it is.

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Taurus October 2018 Horoscope
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