Taurus November 2018 Horoscope

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Find a balance between work, competitive activities, and recreation. You may need more rest than usual this month and should examine your behavior to determine if you’re repressing feelings and/or anger. You are very much affected by the decisions and actions of others, especially around the 4th and the 14th. If you give in to another’s demands, hidden resentment could build. Don’t be forced into any contract or agreement whether verbal or written.
The Moon on the 9th falls in your 7th house of advisors and consultants. Expert advice is available for a relationship and contractual matters. Be open minded about advice from someone who has no personal interest in the outcome of your situation. A significant contact may be established with someone connected with plumbing, insurance, financial planning, medicine, or the occult.
On the 23rd, Venus enters your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. You may meet a challenging individual who likes to be in control of any newly formed relationship. Though this can be a productive time for you to establish a close relationship, financial and sexual issues will play a major role in any new relationship undertaking. A Libra coworker is a delightful social companion and a Scorpio or Aries provides you with plenty of challenge and stimulation.
Near the 1st, you could be singled out for a compliment, gift, or other form of job gratuity. Bonus may be presented to you as a reward for job achievement. Though competition is strong this month as long as you maintain harmonious relations with co-workers and your immediate supervisors, you 11 bypass much of the turmoil. Gambling urges are stimulated around the 27th when hunches can lead to winnings.
On the 23rd, the Moon falls in your 2nd house of money. With the coming holidays, you can feel the financial pinch and may take a second job or temporary employment to offset your financial strain. Two incomes are certainly better than one, but don’t become too greedy.

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Taurus November 2018 Horoscope
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