Taurus May 2019 Horoscope

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Around the 3rd, you're stubborn and ready to defend your actions. A Scorpio type is testing your fortitude, and you refuse to give in to the demands. Your mind is perceptive and disciplined around the 7th enabling you to eradicate bad habits from your life. Things get testy with a neighbor or relative around the 21st.

Curb a tendency to blurt out criticisms. Around the 23rd a short vacation helps you to appreciate the things back home. Consider new purchases around the 27th, especially for writing materials, magazines, books, games, and automotive accessories. Shop around for a bargain. Travel time will be justified once the savings are computed!

Surpress the emotions surrounding a secret attraction around the 4th. Things are not so rosy as they seem. On the 17th Venus enters your sign bringing love and romance with a Pisces or Capricorn. Near the 23rd romance peaks and you've convinced the world is a beautiful place to live, indeed! Income fluctuates like the phases of the Moon this month.

On the 9th finances stabilize, but by the 14th you're ready to spend it all! Near the 23rd you're short of cash, but a wonderful joint business venture can't be passed up. Don't jump into investing near the 27th. Think things out. A relationship crisis develops around the Moon on the 13th. Different value systems can no longer be ignored. To resolve differences, have sane conversations where views can be aired without threats or ultimatums!

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