Taurus May 2018 Horoscope

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Around the 1st you’ve had it with people who won’t compromise. If you play your cards right, by the 2nd things should turn around in your favor. Your ability to negotiate and point out the benefit to everyone involved helps to resolve the situation. A forceful opponent comes on the scene near the 17th. Don’t be intimidated by someone’s temper.
On the 15th, the Moon falls in your sign. You’re energized and enthusiastic about your appearance and recent improvements. Visit a beauty consultant or hair stylist if you want to make a good thing even better.
Venus retrogrades on the 22nd in your 3rd house of neighbors and relatives. Someone from the past may contact you through the mail or over the phone wires. Proceed cautiously, especially if this person is a Cancer or a Capricorn. Don’t be taken in by frivolous promises. After the 27th, you should have a clear view of the situation.
Near the 17th, assert yourself with career activities.
Show independence, fortitude, and courage and you’ll knock all competitors aside. Mercury, the ruler of your money house, retrogrades on the 31st throwing a monkey wrench into your budget. You may discover inaccuracies or unintentional errors in your banking.
On the 1st, the Moon falls in your 7th house of partnerships and may create relationship crises. If your partner is too demanding or possessive, you’ll deliver an ultimatum.
Any relationship that lacks commitment will be severed. On the 31st, a crisis develops with joint property and mutual funds. If you haven’t learned a fair method of financial appropriation, youH be forced to develop one.

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Taurus May 2018 Horoscope
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