Taurus March 2018 Horoscope

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Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, shines brightly on you around the 8th when it enters your sign for a twelve month stay! Many material rewards will come your way this month but watch a tendency to put on weight. Too much of the good life isn’t so good.
The Solar Eclipse on the 18th falls in your 11th house of friends, clubs, and organizations. Join an investment, dance, or photography club. Opportunities now are not just for meeting new friends, also for learning new skills as well.
On the 6th Venus enters your sign and you become the epitome of love and affection. Other people just cannot resist your charm and good nature. Share your generosity with others and look for a stable Capricorn, adventurous Sagittarian, or challenging Scorpio to come on the scene. Near the 17th you could get into a power struggle with a mate. Compromise is needed so that you both walk away winners.
Personal relationships take all your attention, so not much interest is given towards career or finances. If in need of financial assistance, contact an institution or social service agency after the 16th.
The Lunar Eclipse on the 3rd falls in your 5th house of children and love affairs. Love at first sight becomes a possibility when a beguiling Virgo comes on the scene.
You`ll be struck by the fact that you have so many things in common. But the Moon can be tricky so don’t declare your love until the infatuation part of the relationship is over.

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Taurus March 2018 Horoscope
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