Taurus June 2019 Horoscope

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If you have difficulty understanding instructions from the 1st-4th, ask for assistance from an experienced person who knows all the ropes. Money is on your mind around the 14th and new ways to add to your income are explored. When Mercury retrogrades on the 20th, communication and transportation problems develop.

Confusion hits and you either get lost or lose the address. Sharing is not what you want to do near the 24th. The other person doesn't understand and loudly objects! A new car or other form of transportation may be in the stars around the Moon on the 26th. Look for something that will accommodate more than one person comfortably. Sign up for a summer refresher course at mid month. YouH rekindle an interest you forgot all about.

Romance is in a low cycle, now. In an existing relationship an argument surfaces over values, possessive- ness, and joint finances around the 9th. If these things are given too much importance, the relationship will wither around the 24th. You find it hard to get what's owed you this month. Don't sign contracts on the 4th or 28th!

Arguments are presented that misrepresent the facts. The outcome is you learn how to budget by making better use of the resources at hand. The Moon on the 11th brings a crisis with joint funds. Don't overlook the fact that sex is somehow at the core of the problem. You feel used if you comply with certain obligations, but if you don't, you'll suffer a material loss. Next time have more self-respect and there won't be a problem.

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