Taurus July 2019 Horoscope

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Write letters, make car repairs, and speak up assertively around the 3rd when your mind is clear and acute. On the 6th, Mars enters your home sector stirring things up.

A demanding family member can make life difficult around y the 17th. Losing your temper does not resolve the situation; discussions do! Consider home fix up projects at the end of the month. Spend a little extra to create elegant surroundings.

After the Moon on the 25th, plan a special get together in your home. Make a luscious meal, eat by the glow of candlelight, and select music that mellows the mood. It's time to show off your culinary and entertaining talents and don't exclude family members from the festivities.

On the 5th, Venus enters your neighborhood sector, and casual conversation leads to a night on the town by the 12th. The sexual pressure surrounding a relationship lessens after the 18th when Pluto turns direct. Look for a seductive Scorpio or a caring Cancer to provide the companionship!

The ruler of your money house, Mercury, turns direct on the 15thf and you have a clearer picture of your financial situation. You're much better at negotiating deals after this time, too. Around the 29th, timing is better for playing the stock market, investing, and selling.

Educational and legal dealings are on your mind near the Moon on the 10th. Decisions have to be made, but judgment is better if you let your practical nature rule. Don't let anyone smooth talk you into anything. Be realistic.

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