Taurus February 2019 Horoscope

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Relationships are a hassle, especially on the 11th when Pluto retrogrades in your marriage house. Your partner may try to manipulate you, but you're wise to this game already and an altercation ensues. Mars enters your sign on the 20th, making you bold, fearless, and ready to defend your territory!

Do protect your throat area and watch out for cuts, burns and bruises, and control impulsive behavior.

The Moon on the 27th falls in your social sector. Socializing seems to take the edge off relationship problems. Put pride aside and confide your problems to a friend. The more you verbalize, the better youH feel. Consider joining a self-help group or organization to gain a new perspective.

Travel to business or community events after the 4th. You'll meet many professionals who are looking for companionship. An artistic Capricorn is romantic around the 11th. Valentine's Day should bring many declarations of love!

Mercury, the ruler of your money house, retrogrades on the 18th. Are you paid up for magazine and newspaper subscriptions, dues to organizations, a debt to a friend? Don't make any major purchases from the 15th-19th or you'll be asking for a refund.

Keep a watchful eye on monetary exchanges so you don't get short-changed.

Your home is the center of attention this month. Around the 13th, youll think of moving or making drastic changes. Postpone these decisions until Mercury goes direct in mid March. If hostility gets out of control, get help!

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