Taurus February 2018 Horoscope

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Mercury retrogrades on the 2nd in your career area and important matters are pushed aside. Expect many delays and frustrations with any project at hand. This is a test of patience and by the 23rd things will fall back into place. After the 14th, be persuasive as contracts and negotiations are difficult to engineer. Your luck is uncanny around the 16th when a hunch pays off.
The Moon on the 17th falls in your career and public status sector. YouH make a public appearance, win a contest, or be appointed to a new position. Though new projects get off to a slow start, stay optimistic. Don’t be too quick to jump on a band wagon. Once all the facts are in, you may dislike its direction. Stimulating people and high powered associates may make enthusiastic promises but their role in your life is tenuous at best.
When Venus, the planet of love affairs, enters your 12th house of clandestine affairs on the 9th, your fantasies can get the best of you.
A secret admirer may come forward who is assertive and forceful. Around the 17th, though, don’t be wooed by flattery. Plan an exotic getaway with that special love in your life around the 22nd.
With Mercury backing through your career area until the 23rd, refrain from important career decisions. Everything is subject to change and your judgement may not be as sharp as usual. Around the 12th, put the finishing touches on documents relating to joint finances and pay outstanding debts.
Your domestic life is activated by the Moon on the 2nd. A family crisis means you have to take direct action. You may move out or set guidelines for all family members. Tempers will flare and differences will come out into the open. Compromise, make amends, and peace will once again prevail.

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Taurus February 2018 Horoscope
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