Taurus December 2018 Horoscope

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You are surrounded by people with enlightening philosophies and ecclesiastic degrees this month. As your mind takes in new possibilities on the meaning of life, you could discard traditional religion in favor of new age philosophies. Jupiter reenters your sign this month and you feel like you’re given a new lease on life. That guardian angel that you thought deserted you is back to stay.
On the 9th, the Moon falls in your 8th house of mystical urgings and psychic hunches. Youll find yourself luckier than usual if you listen to that inner voice. You may receive a large inheritance, gratuity, or other form of material compensation.
Until the 17th, other people are passionate and dramatic in their response to you. When Venus enters your 8th house of sexuality on the 17th you can get into philosophical discussions with your partner and try some exotic sexual techniques. You may reconsider a relationship with a Sagittarian but only if you can handle the demands it may put on your time. A Capricorn is a most fascinating companion this month. The further you get away the better; just be sure to stay overnight.
Handle the paperwork associated with loans, taxes, and joint financial holdings around the 1st. Your charm and persuasiveness around the 16th does much to turn a negative business deal into a positive one. You can tap into financial reserves to cover holiday spending. Don’t worry about depleting your savings, youll restore it to its rightful level within four weeks.
The Moon on the 23rd falls in your 3rd house of telephone calls, messages, and conversations. Family members may seem overly emotional now and it could be that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is getting to them. Be your steady, reliable self and help calm relatives and neighbors with your practical advice.

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Taurus December 2018 Horoscope
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