Taurus April 2019 Horoscope

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You're pensive and introspective as the month begins. After the 9th you delve into world religions for answers to life's questions. Some reading material stimulates an in-terest in dreams, and you analyze yours for clues to your future existence.

You suddenly become painfully aware of sexist jokes and remarks, and vow to clean up your act! By the 28th you're happy with the results your meanderings have brought!

The Moon on the 27th falls in your sign and heralds your coming birthday. Acquire some stylish clothing even if you have to part with hard earned cash to do it.

Negative habits are a thing of the past as the new you steps forward. Your fantasies and dreams are potent, but not enough to bring new romance into your life! Things are quiet while you conjure up romantic interludes with unsuspecting sexy creatures. Keep fantasies and attractions private. The only romance this month is in your mind.

Money is a little tight around the 6th when outstanding bills have to be paid. Promising career projects may lack funding this month.

Work on developing resources so you have the capital when the next opportunity strikes. Don't give in to a shrewd negotiator around the 29th. Patience wins!

The Moon Eclipse on the 13th falls in your work and health area. Don't overreact to a work crisis. Save the drama for the theatre. Look at ways to improve health such as dieting, exercise, and cosmetic surgery. You deserve to look and feel your best, so why wait any longer to begin?

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