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The year 2018 ushers in a period of expanded stability for you.
The need to change is there, and in some instances changes you cannot control will require that you make prudent decisions before the dust settles! As a general rule, you have at least one foot on the ground and continue to move toward the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams. The manner in which you incorporate modifications will determine the pace of your success and the long-term impact, and welcoming instead of resisting a transformation in your life path makes room for more rewarding creativity. Of course, you prefer reliable and reasonably predictable options, but since the rules of the game are changing, promises may not always be fulfilled. In-consistency can torment your desire to get things settled, but rolling with the punches softens the effects.

The transit of Jupiter highlights an increase in your confidence and expansion of your material worth. From February through July, Jupiter travels in Taurus, marking a cycle of exceptionally good fortune and opportunity. Jupiter transits through your sign every twelve years, and you can make the most of it by taking advantage of fortunate meetings, promoting your talents, and taking wide- ranging steps to develop your career or business. Your trust in the law of abundance is fortified, and showing your gratitude for your success will take you even further. If you become too self-indulgent during this period, you’re likely to feel the resulting inertia rather quickly. From July through December, Jupiter transits through your solar Second House, marking a period of financial growth. It’s tempting to spend more than you have, so keep one eye on your limitations to avoid digging a hole of debt.

Saturn completes its transit in Taurus this year, offering a stabilizing influence of self-discipline and clarity of vision.
If you’re willing to work hard during this cycle, you can accomplish more than you realize, since you’re literally proving your ability and worth to yourself, and others will be likely to judge your progress. Sometimes it feels like you’re being restrained while Saturn transits in your sign—and you are! The restraints are the limitations imposed by what is realistically possible and can also come from the social system itself. Cooperating with the rules makes your life easier—going against them will definitely provide setbacks.

The problem is that the rules are changing, making it more difficult to determine an as-sured course of action. Look for situations that include growth potential, but watch out for your fears. They can be pure dead weight!
Uranus continues its transit in Aquarius, illuminating your need to allow your individuality to shine through your career and life path choices. The rebellious side of you needs some room to breathe. (Yes, you definitely have one!) The very slow-moving planets, Neptune and Pluto, draw your attention to the importance of making choices that favor healthy progress.

Neptune highlights your solar Tenth House of career and reputation, and you may feel very strongly that it’s time to surrender your life to a path that truly allows you to make a difference in the world. It’s easy to be overly idealistic during this cycle, though, and you may also be tempted to make choices that would satisfy someone else more than satisfying your own needs. Pluto’s influence targets the area of healing and emotional attachment, and you may become increasingly aware of the deeper motivations driving you in your choices and actions.
This is an excellent cycle for the exploration of metaphysical studies and also marks a time when you become more aware of your understanding of the ultimate transformational experiences of life.

There are four solar eclipses during the year 2018, an unusual occurrence indicating the potential for critical changes. The impact of the eclipses is much like an intensified awareness of issues or needs. The year 2018 eclipses highlight your need to balance the changes that will allow you to open your horizons and give your cre-ative ideas room to grow with your responsibilities to family and tradition. In some respects, you will develop new traditions as you release many of the drives and motivations that have held you back. It’s time to fashion traditions of your own. Alterations in your family hierarchy can emerge, and the lines between factions are drawn around philosophical differences.

2018 Horoscope

Taurus 2018 Horoscope
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