Taurus 2019 Horoscope

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2019 marks a period of blending past experience with new opportunity to more successfully project your sense of purpose. Your practical, earthy nature is supported by the energies of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all transiting in Capricorn throughout the year. You're learning to count on yourself more and can achieve steady growth. Jupiter's expansive energy helps you find more options in your creative activities from January through July. However, once Jupiter enters Leo in August, you need to be aware of the tendency to overextend yourself.

New directions and innovative creativity can be accomplished more easily if your birthday falls between April 25th and the 30th. Uranus is trine your Sun, opening new doors for your growth. Your intuitive awareness can support your pragmatic, practical side and really help you forge a strong sense of individuality. Your confidence level is also higher, making it easier to open some new doors. Neptune's cycle strengthens your imagination and creative flow if your birth occurred from May lst-6th. The spiritual blends easily with your everyday life. This is an excellent time to surrender any old resentment or pain, bringing forgiveness of yourself and others.

If your birthday falls between May 6th-10th, this year can be a turning point. Pluto is opposing your Sun, and you might feel like the rug is being pulled out from under your feet. If you've been greedily holding on to everything and everyone, your posses- siveness can become a tremendous burden. Where are you too attached? Do you need some Earth-shattering event to occur to force you to make changes, or can you evaluate and get rid of the heavy burdens you've created?

Your physical well-being can also be compromised if you refuse to change some habits that have been detrimental to your health. Fortunately, Saturn's transit is supporting your Sun, so you have a good, stable base from which to release the outworn. Lightening up can actually feel good!

If you're born May 11th-17th, progress in matters of career is steady and positive. You're feeling the support from Saturn, making choices which can build a firm base for you. Personal relationships can also be strengthened now.

Using your appreciation for Earth's beauty and resources, look to her bounty to provide you with healing tools. Spend time in your garden or have fresh cut flowers on your desk.

Create with clay if you're so inclined. Using herbs as balancing agents and becoming more aware of the particular nutritional aspects of your diet can help you to become healthier now. It's time to reevaluate and stabilize your physical well-being. If you feel that the changes you have experienced or are experiencing have left you spiritually misaligned, work with stones and crystals to help balance your chakras. This might be a good time to consider body work such as rolling or tragering. You would also benefit from practicing tai chi or akido.

If you've been feeling overpowered by your tr ansformation, this is the time to greet the God/Goddess/ All That Is. Open to reconnect with the power of the All. See yourself being filled and then using that beautiful energy to bring strength.

2019 Horoscope