Taurus October 2020 Horoscope

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You’re in the flow now; love is your inspiration, creativity is your natural expression. Even minor conflicts can be resolved through building an understanding that satisfies the needs of all parties.
Although you may not really feel like being competitive, you’ll readily seek out pleasurable forms of recreation. If you’re going keep your promises to stay active, you need to be having fun!
Conflicts arising over money from October 1 to 16 may stem from frustrations with your sex life. Take a careful look at the source of your anger, and try a little gentle persuasion if your lover seems distracted. A new love holds promise, but if you’re just looking for an escape or a lit- tie excitement from October 8 to 23, be honest with yourself.
More serious commitments and realistic situations emerge during and after the Moon on October 24.
Joint finances, inheritance, or tax situations can be problematic through October 17, and you may even have difficulty finding all the information you need to clarify the problems. But after October 18, more hopeful opportunities arise.
Business travel, educational pursuits, publishing, and advertising fare beautifully from October 20 to 30, although you may have to deal with a few surprises from October 10 to 16.
Eliciting the support of others can be helpful, but only if the situation is balanced. Otherwise you may regret your choices during the Moon on October 24.

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