Taurus November 2020 Horoscope

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Cooperative ventures provide positive reinforcement, and whether you’re dealing with a one-to-one partnership or group endeavors, it’s crucial to identify your role to assure success. Consider renegotiating if you’re unhappy with the terms.

Your spirituality is a source of strength and comfort, and it can play a significant role in healing. Travel can also be regenerating, especially if you’re surrounded by beauty. Staying active may not be high your list, but try to get it into the top ten.
Mercury’s retrograde from November 5 to 24 may work to your advantage. This is an excellent time to take a serious look at the way your relationship functions and to get long-repressed feelings or issues out into the open. Blaming tends to escalate during the Moon on November 7; an objective attitude leads to a happier outcome. A journey may help you gain a new perspective near the Moon on November 23.
Investments and creative ventures fare nicely through November 9, although you may be itching to get past a costly situation. Deal directly with your responsibilities if you want to dispose of problems. Beautify your work situation after November 8, or focus your productivity in artistic directions.
You’re likely to feel competitive after November 21, and you’ll fare best if you get to know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
Maintain awareness of your moral priorities; you may run into others whose values may not harmonize with yours. The high road is best.

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