Taurus February 2020 Horoscope

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Situations concerning parents or authorities build to a peak. The emphasis on finding and maintaining the right path for your life is quite clearly underscored by the solar eclipse. Where is your life heading?
With frustrations from the energies of Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, you may feel that you’re continually out of balance physically and psychologically. Maintain a balance between fitness activities, relaxation, and work.
Are you getting mixed signals, or are you the one sending them?
Before you take aim, take inventory! The restless feelings haunting your dreams stem from a need to feel more open about expressing your desires. Take time for fanciful romance or indulge in your favorite forms of artistic entertainment. In family situations, deal directly with crisis, since the release of energy during the solar eclipse on February 16 centers on moving forward with your life.
Rewards from your career emphasize your accomplishments thus far, and if you’re satisfied, then use this time to strengthen your position as you head toward further advancement. But if you’re not happy, determine what’s missing and use this time to set out on a path that will allow for growth and a sense of true success. Investments fare well from February 8 to 22, but avoid risks from February 1 to 7, when your judgment may be cloudy.
Associations with professional allies and those who share your interests provide excellent options and open new doors for advancement.

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