Taurus December 2020 Horoscope

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Your drive to accomplish your aims reaches a peak, although you may feel easily frustrated or dissuaded by obstacles in your path. Take time to determine how you might actually be working against yourself before you target outside influences.
You’re eager to learn more about your body and the best ways to care for yourself. Consider taking a class or reading more about holistic and complementary health care, and schedule an evaluation by a trusted practitioner during the Moon on December 7.
If you’re unhappy with a partnership you may feel like pushing away from involvement instead of dealing with issues head-on. Maybe you just need a break in your routine or a new approach to communication. Tiy something different from December 10 to 18. Consider the possibility of an extended trip during and after the Moon on December 22, when a little fantasy and a lot of tenderness can spur amazing romance.
Joint resources and benefits from a partner show growth and promise, although from December A to 9, you may wonder if someone’s hiding something from you. Do a little probing of your own after December 12, and consider renegotiating contracts that seem to be inadequate for your current needs or situation.
Extra efforts to communicate with your clients, customers, or coworkers from December 12 to 31 pays off handsomely.
Listen to the prompting of your intuitive voice from December 11 to 20, when your insights can lead you to solutions you might have otherwise overlooked.

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