Taurus August 2020 Horoscope

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Many of the things you’ve counted on to provide stability and consistency are in transition, and your ability to cooperate with the changes and use them as elements for your personal growth will make a huge difference in your sense of personal satisfaction.
Nourish your brain and nervous system. Make sure you’re getting ample B-vitamins in your diet, and research the kinds of nutritional support that will enhance your mental clarity. You’re burning a lot of mental energy.
Although you may be feeling romantic from August 1 to 14, you’re also questioning whether or not your choices really fit your needs during the solar eclipse on August 11. Family pressures can grow rather intense, and fulfilling your needs for security is a high priority. Try to sort through the outside influences and listen to your inner voice. By the Moon on August 26 you’re ready to feel love flowing into your heart. All you have to do is open the door.
Clearing up communication mishaps can be stressful from August 1 to 16, especially if someone has completely misunderstood you. But clarity is crucial to your success, and ignoring rumors or problems can be costly. Partnerships and contractual agreements can be the source of unexpected friction from August 1 to 12, but by August 24 you’re in a much better position to negotiate a new or different arrangement.
You’ve heard of rolling with the punches—well, this is your time to do just that. Stubborn resistance will only cost excessive time and money!

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