Taurus April 2020 Horoscope

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Knowing the difference between setting boundaries and just being stubborn is important, since a stubborn attitude can inhibit your growth. Pragmatism goes a long way toward helping you in new circumstances.
Feeling unmotivated? Try inner work. Get in touch with your attitudes toward your health and build your confidence in your physical abilities. Creative imagery can help you improve in sports and fitness, too.
Your ability to move forward or make changes may seem to be inhibited, but what you’re really dealing with is a need to take responsibility where it’s due—including your personal commitments. The Moon on April 15 is an excellent time to initiate a different response to relationship needs, and by the time the Moon comes around on April 30 you’ll be ready to define a new set of promises to yourself and your partner.
Evaluate business partnerships for their productivity and usefulness. It may be time to end a contractual agreement, freeing your energy to focus on something that fits your current needs and abilities. If you’re unable to make changes, examine how your fears undermine your progress. Be alert to deception after April 18, but stay strong! Determine where you need to complete projects, reach closure, and prepare to move into a different situation.
Clarifying your objectives and setting positive goals work quite nicely from April A to 17. After April 23, avoid distractions.

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