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As February begins, you’re in a new professional cycle, making powerful connections that can further your ambitions. But Venus enters Aries on February 7, drawing you inward to clarify a vision and deepen intimacy with your secret desires, fears, and your true self.

On the eighth, the Leo full moon draws your attention to home and family matters. Rise above insecurities and regain inner confidence as you reach for the stars. Also, Mercury is in shadow phase, suggesting there’s more than meets the eye in a social situation.

As Mercury stations retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn on February 16, a conversation with a friend or information you learn suggests that you keep your perspective. Be careful about who or what you believe and trust. Not that anyone is necessarily being deceptive, but people have their own agendas. Remain aligned with long-term goals and a spiritual mission. Then you can deepen relationships that share your path and will go the distance with you.

The Pisces new moon on the twenty-third marks a new cycle for a friendship, your social connections, aspirations, and the fulfillment of wishes. You can reconnect with old friends and clear up misunderstandings now. But if something only seems to be getting muddier, let time pass. Soon, clarity will return. You’re turning a powerful corner and have the capacity to manifest your dreams as much as your nightmares. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is your awareness of your true self. Meditation and spiritual practices will help you remain aligned with an inner reality as you bring a dream to life.

Standout days: 3, 20, 21, 23
Challenging days: 7, 23, 28

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