Taurus Monthly Horoscope

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On October 5, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio. Love may get more exciting (if not kinky). It's the season for romantic secrets. Avoid major relationship commitments until the retrograde ends on November 16.

Do you need someone to take care of you, or are you the caregiver? On the new moon of the eighth, someone might want to take care of you, however slightly. It's a show of love, not a power play.

Romance will come to the rescue with the full moon on October 24. Even if you crave something peculiar or out of the ordinary, your partner will be happy to oblige. If looking for love, it's right around the corner.

The sun conjoins Venus on the twenty-sixth. A romantic matter could get settled at last when it comes into the spotlight.

Venus retrogrades back into Libra on October 31. People could be nicer than they really intend or mean.

Standout days: 6, 11, 28
Challenging days: 17, 31

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope
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