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With the mighty planet Mars causing frustration behind the scenes in your life, all Taurus natives may now feel more tired and burned out than usual (solar twelfth house). You may have been quite busy in recent months trying to get a project off the ground and now you realize that it has hit obstacles and could be at a standstill. This same area of the sky rules your mental health, so if you’re feeling anxious or angry, now might be a time to take a step back and prioritize rest and relaxation.

A full moon in this same sector arrives at the onset of the month, pushing you to lie low and recharge. Don’t push too hard at this time because you will likely become quite fragile.

However, once the power of the lunation fades in the first week, your attention returns to your work/life balance (solar sixth house). It is likely you’re quite busy with your job at this time. The new moon on October 16 opens a door for you to move to a better employer, take on more clients, or shoulder more projects if you so wish. If you’re out of work, use the week after this lunation to search for any job you can. Employment could be scarce in a global pandemic, so of course you want the stars to be working in your favor.

Yet, beware of the Mercury retrograde that begins just days prior, on the thirteenth. This may cause confusion in the weeks ahead, and if you do sign a contract, realize that it may shift down the road.

When the sun moves into your relationship sector on October 22, prepare to evaluate partnerships for the month ahead (solar seventh house). Some Taurus natives may feel tension here.

Despite this, a full moon in your zodiac sign arrives on the thirty-first (solar first house). This is the most important lunation of the year for you because it highlights your personal goals, hopes, and projects. Use this power to add strength to your plans and stand proudly before the world.

Standout days: 10, 12, 21
Challenging days: 7, 19, 25

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