Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

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With your 7th House of Love and Marriage empty most of the year, love and romance are not big priorities in the year ahead. Friendships seem much more important than serious committed relationships. The empty 7th House shows that you have much leeway in shaping this area as you will – the problem is lack of interest.
Usually this shows a status-quo situation. Singles tend to remain single and marrieds tend to remain married.
Your social life in general is more stable than it has been in past years. There is an expansion of your social circle – slow and steady.
The relationships that you get involved in are much deeper than usual.
Though wedding bells are not ringing for singles, there is still much love opportunity happening most of the year. But this opportunity is fun and games – though probably highly erotic – and not serious, long-lasting, committed-type love. A year for love affairs.
In fact, Taureans are contemplating the merits of one type of relationship over the other. Why marry and get entangled in all kinds of legalisms, commitments and compromises when one can have love without it? And yet, the stability of a committed relationship also has its allures. You Taureans like to know whom you are going to be with on New Year’s Eve and holidays.
You don’t want to be caught ‘in between’ boyfriends or girlfriends.
Married Taureans will see their marriages tested by outside love opportunities. This doesn’t mean that you or your spouse will be unfaithful, only that the opportunity will be there and you will have to make choices. Though these choices can sometimes be painful, they are good in that you see whether your love and commitment are real. How can you know the depth of your commitment if you’ve never been tempted?
A Lunar Eclipse on May 14 can bring the above issues to a head.
Your current relationship will be really tested a few years down the road – this will be a more serious and long-term test. But for now the tests are minor.
This is also a year for more friendships and group activities. Many of the new friendships you’re making this year will be related to your career. These are people who are either involved in your career or whom you meet as you pursue your career goals. These people seem supportive of your career and can help you. There are friendships with the high and mighty – with bosses, elders, people of higher status than you. Socially, you’re up there in the stratosphere.
Social activity seems most frenetic from October 23 to December 21. You seem more socially aggressive during this period.
Your spouse or partner is very much into money-making and finance. But these interests merge nicely with your own.
The love life or marriage of a child is highly unstable – marriage is not advisable for a few years. He or she is attracting love, has good self-esteem and seems prosperous, but affections are too volatile now.
Grandchildren of marriageable age are actively – and cal- culatedly – seeking mates. They have good opportunities. They need to overcome fear and excess caution.
Siblings have good marriage opportunities now. Already married siblings are feeling the weight of the relationship – the burdens are heavy.
Taureans working towards a second marriage have good opportunities this year – they should look close to home, in the neighbourhood. Those working towards a third marriage have an exciting social life, but marriage is not likely – nor is it advisable.

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Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope
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