Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

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When the moon enters your uncomplicated sign on January 4, you’re into satisfying your needs on a whole new level. Your love life is alive with sights, sounds, and other sensory pleasures that you delight in. Massage is delightful, and the scent of an alluring cologne is intoxicating.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in nurturing Cancer on the tenth bring out your softer, more compassionate side, but be careful not to be taken in by a hard-luck story. It’s wonderful that you’re giving now, but getting taken advantage of can totally ruin the good energy of this lunation.

A powerful Venus-Mars square on January 26 puts a wrench in the works of a romantic plan. What are the major obstacles and how can you get around them with the least emotional damage? Your sex drive is high now, but endless complications make the pleasure hardly worth the potential pain.

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